Kimber Palladian PK10 vs PK14?

I'm interested in PK14 but can't find almost any information online about it. PK10 is generally regarded as a great power cord. Should I spend more and go with PK10 or save a bit and not hear any difference and get PK14?
The rest if the system is Simaudio Supernova, Marantz PM 11S2 and Hyperion 968. Cables by MIT CVT Terminator. Thank you
If money is not a problem, I would pick PK10 for everything. But Branislav wants to wisely allocate his money, I suggest PK14 for source and PK10 for amps. I would pick PK10 for the integraded.

I agree with Rcprince. PK10 is heavier gauge.
I talked directly to Kimber today and they suggested that if I mix them up, PK10 should go with the amp and PK14 for the cd player. However, I'll just go ahead and get PK10 for both so that I don't get an upgrade bug year from now. Can't wait to hear the results compared to my stock power cords and $10 Walmart extension cord. Thank you for all the responses.
I use the Kimber PK 10 Gold WattGate and AG (silver) on all sources and preamp. The amp and line conditioner get the Kimber PK 10 Palladians with the AG and CU WattGates. I've used the PK 14 and while it's a good power cord go with the PK 10 since there's very little difference in the price. You can also upgrade to the AG connectors for a nice upgrade and have a very good power cord.