Kimber PK 10/14 Ascent Power Cord

Has anyone used both the PK 10 and 14?  If so, (assuming the same connector metals) did you notice whether the 14 was better on sources than the 10 - or whether both were basically the same? 

Also, any comments on the Rhodium vs. Gold connectors would be welcome.
Cables pretty simple heavy amp sucking gear the heavier cable (10), lighter gear, like SACD or DAC or Preamps a 14 or 16. Personally I like weaves 16 to 24 conductor.. VERY quiet very dynamic cables.

Terminal ends.

Gold clad over copper, but never rhodium. Make sure they are not made of brass or just about anything under the sun, THEN electroplate it with very thin gold or rhodium (way to hard)

As for the best terminal material;

1. 5-7n .99+ pure(r) silver
2. red copper with silver clad
3. silver or copper with gold plate
4. red copper, or yellow copper
5. nickel over copper/red/yellow
6. anything
7. rhodium (WAY TO HARD) under water in Alaska. Good place for rhodium.

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Thank you for the information.  

I have not tried a PK 14 Ascent and was curious.  I only use 10 ga cables or above anyway.  And yes, the price difference isn't significant.

I have tried both the Gold and Rhodium PK 10 Ascent on a Class D power amp.  While I found the Rhodium to have the typical signature, fortunately I did not find it to be edgy - just a bit cool.

Thanks again.

I ran these at Capital Audiofest on loan from Kimber.  I thought they were extremely natural sounding and the overall impact on my system was to add dynamics but not much more.  That is about as nice a thing as I think I can say about a cable and our room at CAF was reviewed favorably.  

I used 10s on power amps and 14s on sources.  I did not mix and match.  
verdantaudio - Thanks for responding.  I assume you were using the gold connector version. 
I assume the connectors were gold.  That being said, I did not ask and can’t be certain one way or another.  
I was room 525.  Most noteworthy write up was at part-time audiophile. Search for Verdant.  It is easy to find.  

I am not going to be at CAF this year.  CAF is the weekend after AXPONA.  I can’t do back to back weekends and am committed to going to AXPONA.  Maybe 2022 for CAF.