Kimber's new KS 6000 SC

Anyone have any information about these new offerings?
I read the KS3033, 35, 38 get the extra conductors and perhaps better connections at the amp and speaker ends. There's also a hefty price much more than the regular KS speaker line. I use the KS line and Palladians throughout my system also and interested in the new 6000 series.
The KS-6063 is an upgraded version of the KS-3033, with more conductors and a mixture of solid-core and variable strand copper conductors. The KS-3033 does not use solid-core conductors.

Likewise, the KS-6065 is an upgraded version of the KS-3035, with more conductors and a mixture of solid-core and variable strand copper and silver conductors.

The KS-6068 will have solid-core and variable strand silver conductors.

I think Kimber is also designing new collars for these wires. The mixture of solid-core and stranded conductors is supposed to improve the sonic properties of these cables.
I understand the KS 6033, 6035, and 6068 are available and being shipped. Anyone had a chance to hear them?
I am also keen to hear opinions on this new range, specifically the KS6068.........unfortunately not quite yet available in my country as yet.......anyone?
Have a pair of KS6068 speaker cables for home demo. They are new out of their case with now only three hours on them and although it is very early days I feel they are significantly better than my well used pair of KS3038......but also significantly more expensive.

Will repost later.
Smp, I look forward to your impressions after the KS 6068 has settled in and you've had a chance to listen critically.

I'm very interested in these cables but just completed an extended audition of the Kubala Sosna Elation SC and IC that completely enamored me. The Elations are the most captivating cables I've yet heard in my system and I'm a devoted Kimber fan. And for the price of the KS 6068 I could get Elation SC and IC.

So I am anxious to hear your report.
I am using KS3033 speaker cables and am very satisfied. However I heard a pair of KS6063s at a hifi show last weekend and they contributed to a great sound with Vivid speakers. Great detail throughout the audio spectrum which tempted me. I am considering a home demo. Check out this web site for some useful information:
Well,sadly I was pretty well hooked from the outset.I bought the KS6068s.......they do everything that the 3038's do so well, but just that much better. They are so much more expensive but to me they are ultimately worth question.

The KS3038s are still superb cables and I have kept them in my second system.
I now have a pair of KS6063 cables in my system on trial replacing KS3033. Similar in character to the 3033s, the 6063s are more refined and warmer to my ear. At the beginning of the trial I did not think that it was worth changing, but after having heard the Jacques Loussier trio play Bach's Brandenburg concertos, I am not so sure. The 6063s sound superb--dynamic, warm, detailed and very transparent.
I have recently purchased a pair of KS6063 after a home audition and things are still getting better and better by the day. I agree with most of the descriptions given above about the sound and am grinning ear to ear everyday.
I have been burning in some KS 6065 and so far find it to have a little less body than KS Elation but with a bit more air and dynamics.

Not bad so far.

I'll keep you posted.
Kimber has been playingthis game taking cables and just adding more conductors and charging more. Sometimes it helps sometimes it doens't it will be intresting to see how this one plays out. Personally I run Kimber select and they sound good but the quality is not the same as it was 10 years ago. The regular kimber stuff is great the select stuff they do in house I return more of it than I can keep because of shotty workmen ship. And then they fix the cable to me no better than when I sent it in, just more scratched up.
Lol programmergeek. Perhaps putting a magic network filter on the cables would reassure you.
Hello Oeiras99,

Did you ultimately decide to upgrade to the KS-6063's after your trial period? I am also thinking of upgrading from the KS-3033's to the KS-6063's but am wondering if the 6063's performance is worth the extra cost? I will be auditioning a pair of the 6063's very soon. Thanks!