Klezmer .. need more

For those who do not know Klezmer music, its a mix of Gypsy/Romainian romantica.

I recently picked up "Doina Klezmer" and this recoding blew me away .. worthwhile for anyone to have in there collection. The label is Proprius and the recording and performance is first class !

If anyone can make additional recommendations on Klezmer music ?... I would be thanksful !!


My recent favorite is Les Yeux Noir, who have a strong gypsy slant to their klezmer music. They consist of two brothers who play violin, a cello, plus guitar, bass and drums. If you have a chance, see them live. That is how this music should be heard. They are just releasing a live CD which will hopefully convey the joy and energy of their shows. These guys play some of the fastest music I've ever heard.
Hi Matt:

The following link has a brief (though somewhat disputed) history of Klezmer music. I feel that it is fairly accurate myself (Klezmer's origin is quite complex).


We have been collecting Klezmer music for 3-4 years, but unfortunately most of it is in storage @ this time. The majority of it is on LP, however I see tons of Klezmer CD's online.

Here are a few diversified recommendations available on CD.

1. "Klezmer Nutcracker Shirim", on Newport Classic Ltd. (yes, The Nutcracker Suite:-).

2. "Khevrisa", performed with authentic instruments, on
Smithsonian Folkways.

3. "The Beau Hunks Play the Original Little Rascals
Music", on Koch Inter'l.
Thanks for the recommendations guys.. I am definitly gooing to look them up.

Last year, I found a few recordings of my dad in France that he did in the 50s. He played lots of Klezmer/gypsy music..

if you are up for a listen.. go to :

and click on the highlited track .. this is more on the tango side.. but quite good..


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