KLIPSCH CORNWALL a special design cornwall

I have a pair of Cornwall speakers that are marked right and left, which is not normal for Klipsch speakers to be marked...........Does anyone know anything about a Cornwall speaker that is marked under style as a CM-7-15.......THANKS
Duh! Yes, obviously they're mirror imaged. The thing is, that's not normal for Cornwalls, hence his question. I recall that they were once made with the horn off to the side in the vertical orientation, but I didn't think that it was mirror imaged. 
@ autospec, Veneer leaves for left and right speakers are crafted from the same piece of timber. For a pleasing mirror "image" at the splice. :-)
And what does that have to do with his question...or anything else? 
The walnut, veneer is book match to the left and right speaker. That is what they mean by mirror image. Not the transducer lay out. That is why they are mark left and right. It has nothing to do with the sound of the speakers. Just the looks of the cabinet. Mike :-)
The transducer layout is mirror image, And the person that said call Klipsch......That's about the funnest thing I have ever heard..."Call Klipsch"  Nobody has ever answered the phone at Klipsch as far as I know ???    I've called them fifty times in the last two months.......Forget that
@ autospec, Try, googling (CRUTCHFIELD.) They sell Klipsch speakers. BTW, Great speakers. Mike. :-)
Sir:    These speakers were built in the late 60's and early 70's  Crutchfield knows nothing about these speakers .....Klipsch's would be the place but they won't answer calls...........Old Paul would love that ??
@autospec, Maybe this will give some insight on your mirror imaged cornwall speakers. Mirror imaged cornwalls were discontinued in the year 1974. I think!, the style # the C- means cornwall the M- means Jensen woofer,K-33-(M). And the 7-15 means they were made in the 15’th week of 1974. All cornwall’s, made with vertically aligned transducer’s were not marked left or right. I hope that help’s. :-) Mike

Will. Please dont cry... I cannot handle it. Lol. I owned a few pair of CWs and 1 pair in fact had vertcally mounted mid and tweet horns.....and they were mirror imaged. You could have used the vertical arrays on the inside or the outside. It was long ago, so I do not recall if they indicated L & R. But those Klipsch that had matching veneers might have been a L & R match. Enjoy, be well and stay safe. Always, MrD
Mike:    You pretty much called it, the only difference is mine have CTS woofers, but the rest of your information is dead on............Thank you for your help..........Will