Phillips Design Oh! Oh-16 speaker?

I just happened across this speaker while searching for another brand I’m considering for my office system. 

I’ve not heard of Phillips Design, and am wondering if anyone here has any real world experience with their Omni directional designs?




I was reading about them on their site just last week. I like most omni/semi-omni designs in general, and was curious about these as well. Always nice to hear about new companies and their designs. I cannot say I totally appreciate their cosmetics in general, but appears to be several that one can chose from. 

I will keep on giving the love to my Duevel Venus omni's though. They do it for me! 


We just returned from a successful first show at this year's Audio Expo North America (AXPONA) in Schaumburg, IL, where over 1,000 people came through our listening room to see and hear our OH-16 speakers first-hand.

While it's a little tough to get noticed when surrounded by larger and more established companies, we had a very positive response from most people who visited our room. We got a mention in The Absolute Sound's article on Speakers Under $30,000, as well as a brief review from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. You can see both of these, along with some pics and video of our listening room, on our Facebook page at 🙂

Phillips Design OH-16 mid-century modern home audio speakers with Coco the dog

I like this design but it was well used in the 1960-70s RCA Zenith and many others built these types. Glad Philips brought it back but it's old school not new.