Klipsch Cornwall IV and Luxman Integrated

Has anyone had the experience of using a Luxman Integrated Amp with the Klipsch Cornwall IV ? Any suggestion to which might be better suited? 


I know this post is old but for posterities sake I’ll leave a comment:

I have the Luxman 505uxii (class A/B) on my Forte IV’s. Sounds amazing. Super clean and controlled. The sound is large and lifelike. I’ve tried low power tube amps from Decware as well as higher powered tube amps from AR (vintage) and the 505 blows them all away. 

In my experience the Fortes perform much, much better with higher powered amps. Especially with amps that can control the bass. The 505 has tone controls that work very well, as well. 

My favorite amp, so far, is the Moonriver 404R (with CW4’s).  Getting ready to try them with a Naim Nait 50 and very excited about the possibilities.  I’ve never really enjoyed them with tubes.

I'm a little late to the party but I did try at length the 550 AXii with the Cornwall.  I found it to be very dull and boring compared to the Decware tube amp and some others too.  Just kind of grainy and uninvolved I would call it.  Overall I was never a fan of the Luxman.  It ran really hot to make it worse.  In the summer I couldn't hardly stand to use it in my small office.  In the winter I didn't need to turn on the heater.  I love the looks and idea of the Luxman but overall I'm not a fan.  I sold it after about a year or so.