Klipsch Cornwalls vs. JBL L110 speakers with McIntosh MC2205

I am considering a vintage 1978 pair of Klipsch Cornwalls or a 1979 pair of JBL L110 speakers- both will have updated crossovers (and woofers for the JBL). I would like your input as I will not have the luxury of a side by side comparison. As well, I will be running either pair with a McIntosh MC2205 (rated 200W RMS per channel @ 8 ohms. Should I be concerned about the amp just idling rather than using more of its' power due to the efficiency of the Cornwalls? Or, is it an advantage to have that much headroom? Thank you for your input on both the speaker selection and the amplifier question.


I have the JBL L100’s being driven my a 200wpc McIntosh MA6600 integrated amp.  I am planning on also getting a pair of the Cornwall IV in the near future to rotate in and out of the mix.   I have plenty of power and it is never too much. 

JBL fan and owner here! So you know what I could say! Don't change the L110 woofers! That will alter the voicing - and probably not in a good way! They come from the Ed May era! Why choose the 2205 amp? That is a rather long-in-the-tooth design! There are much better vintage amps available for less money!

JB, Thanks for the validation on JBL! I misspoke when I said new woofers- I had mine re-coned so they are original. I was a McIntosh retailer from 1971-1975 and have a special connection to MAC. I had my MC2205 , C-28, and MR 67 recapped, new glass on the C28, and near perfect walnut cabinets located. It is the look I wanted, recognizing there were better values in SS gear. Thanks to all!

@stereo5  @jasonbourne71 @musicearlyadopter  Thanks for all the posts on here about the JBL L100s. Does anyone know how the JBL L100 varies from the JBL L100T?  (I've had them for over 30 years and have lost a sense of what I've got)  And is JBL still manufacturing the L100? Thanks!  

JBL no longer makes the L-100 series - I have owned the L100 Century (1971-1978 or so) and the L-110A (presently). The L100 series was (I think) the most popular speaker ever sold by JBL. The L100T was produced much later (1985-1987) and some say sounds better- I am biased with fondness for the gear of the 1970's as I was a dealer back then, and I think the L-100 series might be more collectable. Be sure to have your L-pads cleaned and serviced (or replaced) and your crossovers recapped if you want to hear their true potential. That will cost about $200.00-$225.00 for the pair (in Dallas Texas anyway).

@musicearlyadopter , JBL most certainly still makes the L100 speakers, they are called the L100 Classic speakers. It has the 12 inch white pure pulp woofer, a 5 inch midrangerange and a titanium tweeter with a built in wave guide. Mine look fantastic on the JBL stands and the orange grills.  They aren’t bright like the original were.