Klipsch Forte McLaren Sale

FWIW. Just saw that Klipsch reduced the price if the McLaren Forte edition from $5499 to $2999 each. So, if you are a big F1 or McLaren fan, now is your chance.

Must have been a huge "door buster" successful collaboration with McLaren. Lovely looking speaker at least (not). Although I hold no ill will against Klipsch, they make a fine speaker, this collaboration puzzled me.


I did not know these existed. The MCL-905 looks interesting, very expensive though. 

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I guess it was supposed to be a big money maker. Give it a paint job and double the price. What could go wrong?

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Geez, it was a joke.  Making good natured jabs at Reagan, Clinton, and Bush aren't even political at this point.  Sorry you were offended -- not my intent.

Ugly is pretty much in the eyes of the beholder but, Putting an "ugly" paint job on a speaker and basically doubling the price is what would make it a non starter.

If you want to talk ugly. IMHO, look at some of the new high dollar horn systems showing up or some of the Cabasse speakers that look like something attacking from Mars.

@allenf1963 got it... Maybe I overreacted. Hard to know with so many trolls here what's a joke and what's a booby trap.

PS: I am not a Clinton "groupie", that's not where I was coming from.



No problem, my man.  You are right, though, it has become impossible to make jokes anymore without knowing your crowd.  Trolls just trying to incite angry banter have made it hard for folks like most on this site that know life is too short to be humorless.  The Moderator removed my post -- so they must be a fan of the McLaren's....😉😉


Have a great day.

@allenf1963  should not have been removed.... oh well, sorry.

I am all for joking till I have a pulse, but as you say, you can't read the room here.  

And yeah, this is one ugly speaker. 

Never heard of them. Between the emails and magazines I get, you’d think someone would have mentioned them at some point.