Klipsch, introduces The Cornwall IV, and I think it will be a killer !

Being the long time Klipsch lover that I am, I find I read ( from many sources ) about the company and their speaker lines, with most of my interest in the Heritage models, home theater models, and the Cinema models ( those used in theaters, on stages, studios, etc. ) The Cornwall IV, is ready for shipment. I have been waiting years for this design to come to life, specifically, a better, and larger, mid horn, more in line with the current Lascala, and Khorn. Owning Lascalas, and being very familiar with all Heritage models, I can honestly say, in many ways, this mid horn, might, and actually is, superior to the mid horns in my Lascalas. They maybe need to be a bit wider for the LS and KH. I do not feel this way with the Forte III mid horn ( too small for the Lascala / K horn design, but I feel Roy Delgado, Klipsch’s chief engineer, will be working on a new mid horn design, for these two. Getting back to the Cornwall....There are many other new design upgrades Roy has made, and I am thrilled, as I feel, every limitation of the design ( and I do not like using that word, but everything has limitations ), has been answered. I think it will be a hot seller. 6K a pair. It is already on youtube, with an introductory review, and one coming from my old friend Steve Guttenberg, the Audiophiliac. We shall see....I predict all thumbs up....Enjoy! MrD.
big fun, easy to drive, place and musical. Not the last word in 3D but as you say Dr Decibel, everything has its plus and minus... Ya man, another American company making excellent products and supporting them well.
music is the key !!!!!!
I purchased the Klipsch Forte 3's in June and I'm considering moving up to the Cornwall 4 when they are available. I love my Forte 3s but a little fuller and deeper sound would be better yet. I just love the way they sound good at any volume. My former speakers (Martin Logan Motion 60) didn't really sound good unless you turned them up. I can listen any time of day now with no fatigue. 
I owned the original Cornwalls back in the 80's. I'd love to hear this latest version but no dealers near me.
When are they expected to arrive at the dealers? I would love to check them out beside a pair of Forte III's
Looks like they stuck the Forte III mid horn in the thing, which seems like a good idea...the previous model had a horn like the Heresy with the unnecessary (for the Cornwall anyway) speaker cutout underneath, so this looks much cooler. A big speaker...and I also wonder how it sounds relative to a Forte III. 
I definitely like the geometry of their new midhorn better than the old one.  Nice move Klipsch!



Steve Guttenberg did a review of them compared to the Forte 3 on his Youtube page (The Audiophiliac)

Man...Guttenberg has certainly become a Klipschophilliac...Note that the Cornball IV (uh...Cornwall...sorry) has the same tweeter as my Heresy IIIs, a fact from which I take some comfort (low comfort threshold warning). I wonder why they didn't use the titanium driver from the seemingly identical mid horn in the Forte III...somebody call Delgado!
The mid horn in the Cornwall IV is larger than that of the Forte III. My 1st Klipsch speaker that I owned ( before my bar mitzvah ), was the CW, using vertical mid and tweet horns. I modded them as much as I could, and, they were amazing.....These new CW IVs are a different beast, imo. Well worth their price over Forts IIIs, if you can save up the difference......
I heard the new Cornwall IVs, albeit briefly, at a New Hampshire shop and they have what I consider to be the Klipsch "house sound" somewhat...a good thing, and they seem very large in person at least compared to my Heresy IIIs...but similar tonally to those and the new-ish Fortes. Nice.
@mrdecibel, Can you tell us more about the sound differences between the Forte III v C-Wall IV? I have the Fortes as you may recall. I’d be lying if I didn’t say an upgrade is possible if the difference was meaningful.   I’m very curious about your thoughts!  Thank you!
Also, MusicDirect.com is not listing the Cornwall IV--only the Cornwall III for a slight discount.  
I have not heard the CW 4s, but have heard the Forte 3s, and all of the other renditions of each model, before, and after, modifications. The CW 4 will have a much tighter and tuneful bass, a larger, more enveloping midrange, and a better balance and coherence throughout the entire musical spectrum. Less room interaction, due to the front only firing drivers, and, greater dynamics, as well. This Cornwall, as I have stated, will be very special......must be listened to, by anyone, wanting to possibly move up from the Forte line, and others. I just know......
Yeah, Nashua...when I walked into that place (AV Therapy?) from the back lot there was a room with 'em playing and I sat there unattended for a while soaking up some Cornball mojo. A very nice speaker to be sure. They make my Heresy IIIs seem astonishingly diminutive by comparison, but that's fine. I do prefer the control I have over bass from my 2 REL/Heresy III rig as hey, I'm a control freak who also relishes being slightly out of control. There, I said it.

Although mrdecibel said that he hasn't heard these speakers he stated the following " The CW 4 will have a much tighter and tuneful bass, a larger, more enveloping midrange, and a better balance and coherence throughout the entire musical spectrum. "
Since you have heard them do you agree with that statement?

I'm not a "Klipschophilliac" so I have no idea what Cornballs used to sound like, but from my seat in that place the new version sounded real good, as a 15" bass driver front loaded monster should...the designer (Mr. Delgado) is on a roll, and these things, like the new Fortes and Heresy IIIs, have a sophisticated coherence and accurate tonal balance for days.
Take a look at this review of the Cornwall IV:

"but I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s [Cornwall IV] the best-sounding horn speaker you can buy… at any price." https://positive-feedback.com/show-reports/instant-rmaf-2019-show-impressions/

I wonder if this review has heard Volti's products.  I was blown away by a Volti at AXPONA this year. I'm hoping Klipsch has larger economy of scale and can sell something as good or better than Volti at $6k as opposed to $10-15k.  
The Volti Vittora, with it’s ELF, is a fabulous speaker system / music reproducer. It is quite expensive, and I truly believe, this new CW IV can do much of what this Vittora can do, especially in the typical associated room, with the proper front end electronics. I respect, completely, Greg Roberts, but without PWK and the Lascala / Belle design, I am not sure Mr. Roberts would have come up with this " portable folded horn " design. He, like me, saw the PWK designs as fabulous, and giving credit where credit is due, not everyone has 30 K to spend for speakers. I am not sure what this " larger economy of scale " quote actually means, as I do feel, 6K is a reasonable amount of money, considering what goes into the design, as well as, being fully American made. As inflation has risen, especially in the home audio equipment segment, Klipsch seems to be jumping up in price, at a slower, and lower rate, than many others, and if Klipsch is your cup of tea, it is still, worthy of the asking prices. Buying used, and taking these designs further, as I have been doing, is another way to achieve excellent performance for the dollar. YMMV. Without question, THIS CW, might just be the best, from the Klipsch home Heritage line, per dollar, ever.....A huge upgrade for Heresy III and Forte III owners ( which, btw, are wonderful ).......I have been following the changes and upgrades Mr. Delgado has been doing to all of these designs, so in a way, I have been cheating a little. I would also like to mention, I do not have any monetary involvement with Klipsch, the company, as many people here on the "Gon, have associated " fanboys ", as company / factory representatives.
@jsautter , you are still here ?   You must be a very lonely individual.....
Yes I am very lonely and I am not a gifted nor experienced listener either.

Also you will never find me making assumptions about products which I have not heard. I found the line: "this midhorn, might and actually is, superior than the mid horns in my LaScalas" particularly amusing. 

What I cant figure out is why Klipsch would change a thing. This obviously isnt required. Look how your panties bunch up every time I respond on the "Klipsch lovers only" threads. 

And you dont have to do another of your responses stating the obvious facts that all speakers have problems and that what one likes is best for this person. All of these are givens and understood by all.

Are you under 5' 3" tall?

To Mr. lonely.......I know of many, in, and out, of the audio industry, that have gifted, and experienced, listening acuity, as mentioned, with some, right here on the "Gon. If you feel you are not one of us, I apologize to you. I know Klipsch Heritage designs, and factory chosen parts, very well, in design, and sound. Ascendo M..... I guess they found ways to upgrade this design since 1999....according to their website, it has been constantly going through improvements and modifications, leading to the M5S. Still, not everyone’s cup of tea, and at that price ? Yes, you are right, as I do not have to be repetitive with some of the things I say. I will try to behave myself....My height ? Another immature statement, by another clueless individual. My best to you, and, Enjoy ! MrD.
Why do all of the posts include some kind of unnecessary and distasteful banter between members? Why must we do this? We share this hobby together. Please share it together respectfully. 
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Last month I was demoed Kilipsch Fortie 3, and I did not like it at all.Few years back I heard their standard towers and the same feeling ,I don’t  understand the hype around this brand!
hificrazed ...

This is why some have moved to other sites for useful pertinent information !
Try Audio Asylum .

Distasteful banter makes the world go around. Also, Klipsch fans actually ARE slightly superior, but only slightly...so it's OK.
to put this in perspective can you give me the strengths and WEAKNESSES of this Cornwall speaker as compared to the big money speakers in excess of $30k, and there are many. 
Well look to the strengths and weaknesses of different speaker designs in general as a start. Determine what characteristics are most important to you to help narrow the search. To me the only advantage of horns is efficiency. Efficiency can be significant in that it can reduce the distortions in amplification. Further, you can get by with less power which can save you some money as well as reproduction at higher levels. However, there also exist a great many problems with horns that override, for me, any of the few advantages offered. For me the best compromise comes by way of dynamic speaker designs. Horn speakers are the only design that has never spent any time in my home, but I would consider them in my garage system where volume is king and the minutiae matters much less. 
The 1st 2 sentences of jsautter’s post above, makes sense. However, speakers, like ice cream flavors, are very personal. As much as I have spoken highly about Klipsch ( horns in general ), I have been honest, at least, in saying, they are not for everyone. Helping people with audio system development, for many years, I found out, quickly, what people liked, and didn’t like. I have lived with every design available ( specific models from many companies ), and, have experienced many models throughout my years, in the industry, in peoples homes, at shows, at seminars, in studios, and, on and off stage. I came away, knowing what I liked, at an early age ( my teens, and I am now 65 ). After all of these years, I still like horns. Enough about me. The most important part of putting a system together, is again, easily, and agreeably, stated, by those 2 sentences I referred to, above. The best thing I can do, is to wish everyone, good health ( of course ), and.....happy listening, with much musical enjoyment ! Always, MrD.