Klipschorn: Still relevant??

I'm interested in stirring the pot which is my current system. Please see my system for more details but, in summary, I'm conteplating moving from a Cary beam power/triode & Von Schweikert VR4JR based system to a SET/Klipschorn system.

In general, would you consider the move to be "better" or just different. Or worse?? Better being defined as higher fidelity for most types of acoustic music.

Really curious. Your opinion matters! I have to buy most of my equipment without hearing it and have to rely on reputations, opinions, reviews, etc.

Guy's, audiophools, Klipsch are fine speakers, especially when tweaked. Paul Klipsch was a world class genious who specialized in making CHEAP components sound GREAT. This is especially true with the heritage line. I love what Klipsch does for the $$$$. I believe their Alnico drivers are some of the best anywhere. I have heard "world class" high end speakers that all do SOME things better, but not all. Dynamics is where horns shine, realistic soundstage, when properly matched components, et.

My journey started with Martin Logans, Ascents, Arius, Theater one, I took steps backward, when returning these over priced IMHO POS speakers, and replaced a full surrond sound system with 5 Cornwalls, and SVS B4-plus subwoofer. I had the manager of the store where ZI bought my ML's over one day, he commented on 2 channel with modded cornwalls sounded better than ANYTHING in his store. Their high end was Mcintosh, ML Prodigy, Vienna Acoustics, and Sonus Faber. The speakers where priced up to 20k.

This fellow had 24 years experience in High End Chicago boutique's, andf chain stores. Now, I had already been involved in my quest for the ultimate in digital, and had been thru over 20 different sources, and owned 3 at the time. This of course mad a difference for the best source he had was a DV-50, and mine was leaps and bounds better. But 20k vs 1k modded, come on. I also had their installers in who said the same thing.

HT was unfickin incredible with my SVS-B4 plus/crown K2 combo, and 5 of the same speakers......

NOW....are they the b all, end all? Of course not, but hey NOTHING is. I would bet, that ANY of you audiophools, who would go to BOA2's home and listen to his modded Khorns with his associated components would have all you jaws drop, and probably shit your pants.

I am currently having a set of horns custom made using Klipsch alnico drivers, I suppose these will end up about 102db, these I am confidant, will sound WORLD CLASS. I also like modern speakers and am also having a pair of speakers mad with 1st order crossovers, and drivers that cost me wholesale over 4k, just for the pair. These will compete with the best high end speakers on the planet.

My, question is, which will I like better. I already have on order the Best source onthe planet IMHO.

I have compared my Klipsch to speakers costing up to 80k. I have found NONE worth the price. Yes, I CAN afford the high end, the real question is, why the hell throw that $$$ away.

Stop bashing speakers, you have never heard properly set up. I am not bashing what you have bought, and agree, klipsch are not WORLD beaters, but, klipsch, done right, is MIGHTY FINE>>>>>>>>>>>

NOT being an audiophile, I've been chuckling over this thread for two reasons:

1) For the same non-reason as Pawlowski6132, I'm headed in the exact opposite direction... Klipschorns to Von Schweikerts. I'm simply just curious... based *solely* on the reason that I can find so very few negative comments and the talk about the "spooky" soundstage... but I've never actually heard any of them... and don't have access to any.

2) The passion involved when someone uses the "horn" word. Seems like folks either love 'em or hate 'em... but either way they're passionate ;-)

Being a child of the 60's, I spent an insane amount of time in stereo stores for someone with only a buck twenty five in my jeans... and I'm talking $1.25. But the first and only time I heard the klipschorns, it was life changing for **ME**. So, a decade or two later when I could afford them, I ordered a pair. Hmmm... didn't sound that great... figured it was my "sound memory" (it *had* been many years)... or listening to rock & roll had taken it's toll ;-)

Fast forward some years... went to replace 'em and happened into a stereo store that was excellent... he asked more questions than I did... his conclusion: "Hell, you've never heard 'em. Sell that SS amp and put a tube in there, then come back if ya want"... he even sent me to a different store for the amp! That did it. THAT was the sound I remembered!

Since then I've still tried to replace them... a couple of times... just couldn't find a stereo store that could beat that sound to *MY* untrained ear. Actually, one store DID do it... you know the type... no name on the door... by appointment only... but damn, they were almost $100k! So here I am... gonna try the VSA's... just because I can, I guess.

Pawlowski6132, check back in sometime. I'd love to compare notes.
IMO, you also need a BIG room for Klipschorns. I fell in love with them back in '79 after listening to them in a store with large rooms and high vaulted ceilings. Worked all summer to afford a pair and when I got them home and put them in a normal sized room, I can hardly express how dissappointed I was.
I believe this is exactly why Klipsch has put out some other Gems that alleviate some of the issues with K-Horn demands and placement in rooms..

They have the new Palladiums which I can guarantee are pretty serious in sound, and not much will be missing, placement will be less an issue.. However they are way expensive, and truly not sure why everybody raves so far about the finish on them, Mostly a plastic molded design with some synthetic veneers and overall look is exacly that.

They can not compete with 15,000 dollar speaker finishes that are normally talked about on this forum or other serious smaller speaker companies, but hey the name follows them and it’s a company with a lot of money backing it… I would like to have a pair, but for 8 grand I could see these Palladiums being a step over the K-horn it, but not at 15k…
I think they are. They rereleased their classic series. You can get parts from them going way back. Their customer support is outstanding. Is there better sounding speakers on the market, yes, BUT Klipshorn will definitely be around for a long time supporting their products.