Klyne Audio Arts SK-5 Manual

Relatively new here, I just came into possession of a Klyne SK-5 preamp. It is in amazing condition for its age (1984) and is a very welcome addition to my system.

The unit did not come with a manual and I am having a very difficult time locating one. The phono stage requires the correct setting of 2 banks of 10 (for each channel) dip switches for load impedance/capacitance. Without the manual, I am having trouble setting up the phono stage correctly (too many combinations, without a guide to the dip switch settings.

if anyone has a manual (an extensive web search turned up empty) calls and emails to Klyne go unanswered and their website is minimal at best. I am willing to compensate anyone who has this manual or chart to set the dip switches, for their time and efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to review my post...
Thank You guys,

if the the settings are the same as the 7 I'll be in business and I will check hifi engine...

sweet preamp so far on the line stage side, hoping the phono stage is a good as I've heard it is,

thanks, again
Just wondering if you came up with the needed information?  I have an SK-6 with phono stage and a manual.  Presuming the settings are the same, I should be able to help.  Please let me know.

I’ve recently tried in vain to contact Klyne Audio Arts.  They still have a website and an operational phone and I have left several messages but they won’t return my calls.  I can only assume their demise is imminent.  It’s a shame as their products are indeed works of art.  Nothing lasts forever. . .
Thanks ~ Ron,
i did eventually find a manual for the SK-5 from a local (Buffalo) owner I met at an audio shop. If anyone else need one, let me know and I can scan/email to you.

not sure about Klyne Audio Arts, as you mentioned calls and emails go un-answered. I heard a rumor Stan Klyne was ill, again just a word of mouth rumor so take that for what it's worth.

Thanks again for your offer to help!

Hi from Italy,
I have a klyne 7lx line preamplifier with one of the music module that is not working and since it is sealed no one can fix it. Has anyone been able to get in touch with Klyne? My emails have not been answered, I think they are definitively out of business. I probably will have to sell it for spares, pity!!
I’ve tried tied contacting them by phone & email many times over the last few years with no success...
If someone is interested...an old tech here in Italy fixed it! He built two circuits (one for each channel) “replicating” what the broken music  module was supposed to do, obviously we don’t know what was in there because it is basically unbreakable (next time I’ll try to avoid any potted mysterious thing). It now works well, it is certainly unsellable but I’ll use it during the summer to replace a tube Audio Research :)...
I now have a very rare working Klyne music module for spare...I should try to auction it...:)))
Don, I may have a dead music module in my klyne phono stage and ran across this post. I will send you a PM
I’m new here and this is my first post ,
I recently bought a KLYNE  sk-5a preamp from the U.S which of course runs on 120v 
supply . I’ve read online that the voltage is adjustable to 220-240 v which is what I need in U.K . Does anyone know how to adjust voltage or maybe have a user manual they could share .
I’ve heard good things about the klyne which I bought blind or should that be deaf ? to replace a Sony ta-e88 which I’ve had forever and is in need of some work 
To anyone interested...

I just called Stan Klyne at his business listed phone number this morning regarding parts and services for one of his preamps and he called me right back.

For email contact try: