Koetsu US Importer

Anyone know who the current importer to the US is for Koetsu cartridges?

What happened indeed?

I'm trying to find out some of their cartridge mounting kit, but they gone like the dinosaurs.

The Koetsu threads are wider and standard 2,5mm bolts come thin.

Any ideas? Length must be about 5mm.
FWIW, I used Soundsmith EZ mount hardware for a Koetsu Jade which had threaded mounting holes, which worked fine. They are listed as M2.5 so 2.5 mm should work fine for the threaded holes.
The EZ mounts are nice because they come in different materials/weights which allow you to add effective mass as required.
Good luck
This is the new Importer:

Good news! Nice site with attention to detail and hopefully they offer again the special M2.6 screws for Koetsu. Strange, that Koetsu Japan send the carts with aluminum transport bolts only.

White paper gives the first sign that there are two types of platinum magnets for stone Koetsus.
I started this thread on Vinyl Asylum last week that covers this topic in detail:

Emil_f: Please post link to Platinum Magnet White Paper.

"Nice site...attention to detail"? The Pelotone site haa virtually no information whatsoever. Not even a complete listing of MC carts.
White paper: