Krell Cipher Issues?

Wow, I'm now waiting for my THIRD Cipher to be shipped. First two were far too problematic. Anyone else having issues with this fantastic sounding paperweight?
My guess is problem with the transport? All my Krell cd players had problems with the Philip transport. I lost count but had 4 or 5 new replacements and last working long enough, I traded it in.

It's too bad, they make great sounding units.
The issue is the same as the Stereophile reviewer experienced...will not read a large portion of discs. The second unit also likes to just mute itself at any given time. If I see that "No Disc" message after loading another disc this darn thing is going for a swim!! And sentiments exactly, time for a refund!!! But who knows... maybe third times a charm? Shame though, it sounds sensational, I never new CD could sound this good!!
Damn shame. It sounds like a design problem on Krell's behalf.

Did you contact Krell?