Krell KRC-3 vs Adcom GFP-750 vs DAC1 Pre

I use an Adcom GFP-750 as a preamp, mostly in passive mode but I will sometimes switch in the active gain stage. In better time I owned a Levinson 380s and liked it a great deal. The adcom reminds me of the 380s. I am considering a Krell KRC-3 to use with my Krell power amp. I am also considering a DAC1 Pre in place of the Adcom and the DacMagic. Please let me know if you feel it either would be a useful step up. I don't need to spend the difference if it won't really gain me anything.

system in stereo mode:
Sony xa9000es
Logitech Duet -> DacMagic via coax
Adcom GFP-750
Krell FPB-600
Infinity Prelude MTS

I use an Onkyo sc885 in the same system for movies.
Sold Mac and Krell when they were current.I didn't like passive mode of Adcom.I got the whole stack with 300 wpc and given my speakers had to run it into my.To me it's same old story with every piece I have owned (old PS) or heard passive lacks dynamic drive and bass to get that extra quiet.If it's your thing you might consider a highly rated passive (what's the one everybody was so floored about just 3-4 years ago?).Or a Dodd Battery Pre.But I use a KRC2 in one of my systems and though it's old I love it.Haven't heard the DAC1 pre but I think it's good bang for buck though those who lay out for the Bel Canto 3 say BC blows it doors off.But you have killer high current amp Class amp and it deserves decent (preferably balanced connected) good pre.Hook that Dacmagic to your computer.

On DAC1pre.What I would say is keep it separate unless your trying to really keep price down.I trust 6moons and they said the Cullen modded PS Digilink III with USB input is a great value for $1400 but you could start for $500 with the DAC.Put that on top of Krell.But it's a matter of taste.The pre you have now was in it's day decent value and still is but high end mid fi so Krell (and probably Benchmark) will be much better.But I say nix on Benchmark unless all you want to do is save on $$$ since you can't swap one for the other.Just putting in my two cents when you like passive mode is that you might like TVC controller of full passive "pre" (it's kind of contradiction to call it a pre-AMPLIFIER right?Controller better term).Krell and Krell would be shortest tip but get some more opinion and do search on passives if that's your poison.But give that amp a fighting chance.
The two passives in your price to search for in forums are the Placette and the Sonic Euphoria which go the raves.
I have to second the KRC2. I used one for a few years and loved it. Only reason I replaced it was the KCT matched my Krell amp cosmetically & was allegedly better. It was quieter than a church mouse and had a lot more features than the KRC3 I believe. You can look at the Krell website for a copy of the owners manual, it may help you decide. I needed all the inputs it had as well. I couldnÂ’t recommend it enough. I almost wish I had it back instead of the KCT. AlmostÂ…
Good luck, John
Thanks for the advice. I have some reservations about the KRC-2 as it doesn't seem to have a HT bypass. I suppose I could build a quality A-B XLR switch or use the record monitor function as a makeshift solution.
Perhaps the TAPE function could be used for the bypass...?
I am not sure, but it seems that I recall that being done.
Good luck, John