Kudos to Analogue Productions.

I just received Billy Holiday’s "Songs for Distinguished Lovers”, newly released by Analogue Productions in Hybrid SACD. The SACD layer is magnificent. It has never been easier for me to suspend disbelief that I’m actually listening to Lady Day. Bravo!
Agreed...the AP SACD releases are stunning in the quality of the remastering to SACD. The other releases that suspend disbelief you'll want to check out are the AudioWave Blue Note remasters being offered by Elusive Disc exclusively on XRCD24. They are liquid, real, and stunning in how they convey the original music....it is a series worth getting!
Agree about Analogue Productions. SACD of Holiday's Body and Soul is outstanding.
I have this album on commercial vinyl, bought about 15+years ago at Tower Records for about $15.00. It has been in heavy rotation since. If the re-issuer has a great analog tape to start with, he almost can't lose.