Kweifi-about your Sonatas and 2a3 Fi

I've owned my Sonatinas for over a year, LOVE them! I'm considering mating them with a Moth Si 2a3 amp. I understand your using one of Don Garber's Super X (2A3) amps with your Sonatas. I love Don's stuff, but heard that his amps are'nt the most powerful 2a3's out there, otherwise very good. What is your current opinion of your amp/speaker interface? What 2a3 tubes are you running? Sovteks, AVVT's or N.O.S.? I was really concerned about a flea-sized amp driving my speakers but after getting Alan Yun's OK and replies from other happy users I'm sold that it is a "good risk". I listen to pretty low-levels 60-85 db's, simple vocal/instrumental music. 20x14-9 room. Listen in the near-field. But due to extensive ac treatment, my system is quite sensitive to micro-dynamics as the noise-floor is very low. I just do not have to turn it up to "feel" the music. Killer tubes and after-market power cords help alot too. I'm getting the amp, but still interested in your relevant comments. Best regards, MikE
LaK> The Moth Si 2a3 is rated 3wpc. Yet I've read, or heard from end-users that it is a very robust amp, that puts out a BIG, meaty, ballsy sound with killer bass. Sounding more like a 15-20 wpc amp. We'll see, thats why I'm mating the two; to see for myself what this specific combo will do in my particular application. I feel it is a "good risk". MikE

I also have Sonatas and Moondogs and really like the combination. I went with the Moondogs because you can run the higher power KR's when needed, but find the Sovteks sound great too. Good luck.
MikE, The Sonatinas look like a sweet speaker, unfortunately I have not heard them. No dealer around me! I read a post on AudiogoN that said that a small watt amp like yours and mine will not make the Sonatinas sing the way we want them to. I don’t know if that is true or not. Please keep me posted if you don’t mind. When you find out send me an email through AudiogoN when you have the time. Thanks in advance! Larry
Rodger Modjeski, the designer of my Music Reference RM-10 amp makes low noise a high priority for driving high efficiency or horn speakers. The RM-10 has an unweighted noise level of .03 mV, for most amps it's 1 to 5 mV. This is obviously important for very efficient speakers and especially so at low listening levels. I'd check this spec for making a decision on which SET to buy, or just get an RM-10, which is the best amp I've ever heard in terms of imaging, timbre and musicality.