Kyocera repair/restoration

At the risk of being flamed, can anyone recommend an excellent technician or shop to repair my beloved Kyocera D-811 cassette deck?  The last technician to touch it was Steven Sank, but he's apparently had a career change and is now making custom mics.

I've also got a Kyocera DA-510cx CD player that needs work, though I'm not sure it would be worth the cost to repair.  It won't read any discs, and the tray needs a little help to open.  Thoughts and suggestions would be welcome.  No trolls, please.

That replacement laser assembly may cost $200. For less you can buy a secondhand DVD player (~$25) and a Khadas KTB DAC ($99) plus a $10 Monoprice coax cable. This combination will give you superior sound. I have this pairing in present use!

Contrary to what the obsessed will claim any used DVD player will function perfectly well as a digital transport. No need to spend lots of bucks here!

fuzztone, the Kyocera D-811 had some great specs, 20-20k +-3db with normal or chrome tape, 20-22k with metal tape, .02% wow and flutter; Dolby C and HX Pro, direct drive dual capstan closed loop drive system, three motors, bias control. 

Had a D-811 also, really liked it a lot but it ate tapes.  Had a weird idiosyncrasy that if I hit FF & Rew before hitting play, it worked fine.  But if I forgot to do that sequence, it would eat the tape.  

That would definitely be frustrating; never had that issue with mine.

I eventually got my Nak CR-3A renovated, but I'd still like to get the Kyocera back on line.

Totally frustrating; the hobbyist I brought it to to get fixed couldn’t fix it and suggested that workaround.  Problem was that for every 10 tapes I played, out of haste, 2-3 times I’d forget to do the workaround and it would eat the tape.  I now have a 3 head Nak DR2.