Laptop vs music server when streaming over WIFI

It is widely agreed that PC’s and laptops are sub-optimal sources. They have noisy power supplies, heavy OS’s running tons of background processes, and poorly implemented USB modules. A PC or laptop can spit out tons of EMI that can pollute the rest of the audio chain when connected directly to a DAC.
However, streaming over WIFI galvanically isolates the computer from the rest of the chain. So, would there be a perceived difference in sound quality in the following scenarios?

A) Laptop streaming over WIFI to network streamer
B) Music server streaming over WIFI to network streamer
Dedicated streamer is always cleaner than a dirty computer.
Best to get a wifi extender or mesh system and wire it to the streamer. Stick with hardware that concentrates in one job.
Thanks for the response.
To provide more context, here's the front end of my system:
MacBook Pro running Roon core -> streaming over WIFI using RAAT -> Auralic Altair acting as Roon endpoint -> DAC
My wireless network is robust and stable enough to where I experience no dropouts.
Dedicated music servers should perform better than a laptop when connected directly to a DAC or streamer via USB/TOSLINK/SPDIF. Does this advantage hold true when connecting the laptop over WIFI?
I could not detect any audible differences streaming via WiFi between a Mac Mini running headless and several dedicated music servers. I disabled all non-essential functions on the Mac Mini. I have been streaming via WiFi for over 11 years, initially with a MacBook Pro and for the last 3 years with a Mac Mini, and never had a dropout or any other issue. It has been flawless.
@ljgerens Thanks for the response. I'm of the belief that the Roon core matters far less when streaming than the rest of the chain. In this case the quality of the streamer/Roon endpoint is far more important, as it's the device actually connected to the DAC. You want this component to be ultra low noise.As always, results may be system dependent.
@skypunk Have you tried streaming over Wifi? If so, did you notice a difference from ethernet?