Latest Merlin Super BAM upgrade

Anyone have their Merlin VSM Master BAM upgraded with Cardas Clear? Results?
t, only a few bams done so far but maybe 10 units here for the mod.
go to and on the main page look for the link to the one comment discussing the mod.
more comments to come. used one of these cleared master bams at rmaf. look at rmaf show comments too because they take it into consideration.
bobby at merlin

I've had the Cardas Clear geometry cable upgrade for the Master BAM in my rig for 100 hours and it is truly the icing on the VSM Master speaker's cake!
Mids are ever so slightly recessed relaxing the entire presentation This allows for seeing/hearing deeper into the stage with increased midrange textures and stage layering. The highs are even silkier and extended and the bass has more presence, whomp and weight. System is so focused without any artificial etching to the sound. Female vocals take on even more of that reach out and touch me quality.

All in all, very impressive upgrade for not a lot of money.
I've had mine back for a week now. Calling it impressive would be an understatement. Everything Joneill says and more. It just keeps sounding better and better.

Worth every penny.
The BAM has what…. 4 inches of hookup wire inside? I find it difficult to believe that upgrading the former Cardas wire with Cardas Clear has such a profound improvement on the sound.

I would expect a subtle improvement/change, but what you guys are describing sounds more like a complete speaker overhaul.

I am a Merlin fan, but Merlin fanboys are often criticized for their over the top gushing with ever modification to the VSM.

Merlins are great speaker and Bobby is a passionate designer who set the standard for customer support, but I wish owners would just tone down their enthusiasm a touch thus improving their credibility.
t, there is over 3 feet of wire in a bam and it is totally in the signal path so yes, the change is profound and costs little. what else could anyone ask for? these people also own the master vsms and because of that, these so called subtle changes can take on an extremely obvious character. especially if you live with a product the way these people have. perhaps if you owned the product and had the mod done you would understand better.
cardas clear geometry wire is a very sophisticated developement over earlier cardas oem wires.
Testpilot: Not to get into a pissing contest, or anything, but I don't care if you find my comments "credible" or not. I don't expect anyone to take my word for anything. I assume that anyone reading what I write about my subjective experience understands that it's just that: my subjective experience.

No, the latest upgrade is not a complete overhaul, because the basic things that the VSM's got right and made me appreciate them in the first place are still absolutely there. It's that to my ears, the latest upgrade had made a surprising improvement to a speaker system that I already thought was awesome.

You're right in suggesting that I have joined the ranks of Merlin fans, and there are a number of reasons for this.

First, there is something fundamentally "right" to me about how VSM's portray the most basic element of music, and that is tone and timber. I had a lot of speakers pass through my listening room until I discovered the VSM's. To my ears, they just made more realistic music than any of the others. I certainly don't expect everyone to hear the same way that I do. It's just what my ears and my brain have experienced.

Second, I truly appreciate the fact that research and development at Merlin is channelled toward upgrades that can, for the most part, be applied to the already existing product line. It's not about planned obsolescence. I don't need to sell last year's model in order to get this year's model.

Third, Merlin is a small American company, and separate for all other considerations, I feel good about supporting it. Although, to be honest, I think that if Samsung made the VSM's, my money would be leaving the country for that South Korean multinational conglomerate.

Call me a brainwashed cult member. Merlin has earned my "gushing."
Ease up on the Kool-Aid Turboglo or at least try sugar free. I must admit, the Merlin Fanboy’s could give the Linnie’s a run for their money. But honestly, I am glad you enjoy your speakers and the upgrades.

I can’t wait to read your comments when you swap out your Cardas Golden Ref speaker cables for the new Cardas Clear cables. This cable change should transform your Merlins to another level based on your previous experience with the BAM rewire.
testpilot, anywhere you put the clear geometry wire, the very same characteristics are evident. the reason the clear (in the bam) sounds so superior is because it is a special version designed for high impedance circuits. the use of their internal buss wires which are made for me by cardas, their interconnects or speaker cables will have similar effects on the sound.
"merlin fanboy" is a term coined by a few that did not like any discussion of my work. so they tried to turn every string negative. the people above, are no different than any other individual talking about a thing they like.
the opinions given above are their own and not expressed by me. there is no kool-aide.
bobby at merlin
Yup, that's the next step step. Saving up for Cardas Clear speaker cable. I promise you will be the first to get my report from the surface of the moon : )
you should try DH Labs Deity SPeaker Cable if you thing Cardas Clear sounds good..............