Learning the lingo

I have always enjoyed music and still do. But I find myself sometimes lost in understanding the electrical aspects. Can someone recommend a source, internet, book, magazine, etc that I can read to understand the lingo and theory, everything from the impedance matching, ohms, what makes one power supply superior to another and why, capacitance, to name just a few. My goal is to gain a better understanding of how it all works, why in theory certain components should sound better, etc. Again I love music but want to understand the "electrical engineering" aspect.
I agree with Swampwalker - Hartley's book is worth having, and will answer the questions you pose and more. (the complete title is "The Complete Guide to High-End Audio") He also has a companion book on Home Theater - "Home Theater for Everyone".
It might help in locating that book to have the spelling of his last name correct. It is Robert Harley. The book is The Complete Guide to Hi-End Audio".

Robert Harley's book is very good, but you might also consider Laura Deerborn's book "Good Sound." Both books cover enough that they are helpful for beginner or enthusiast.