Leonard Cohen’s “Songs from the Road” sound issues

I’ll start by saying this is a great album. But I have had trouble getting Cohen’s vocals to sound correct. It seems to distort slightly at the lower frequencies. Some of my cartridges are worse than others. It’s only his vocals too. The rest of the instruments and vocals sound good.  I haven’t  had this issue with other albums this way. Have other people had this issue with this album also? 
I should add that my Audio Technica AT -ML180 is the only one that is very good on his voice. And the only one I would probably use now for this album. The rest of my cartridges are from poor to less than perfect on his vocals but are awesome on other albums.
I thought I had all of Leonard Cohen's albums.  All bought the week they first came out.  I don't have Songs from the Road.  Wow. 
I have a few Leonard Cohen Albums both Vinyl and Digital and I feel Leonard’s vocals on some tracks are very forward in the mix. Not all of them but  Live in London is one of them. Sometimes with my Spatial M3 Sapphire speakers they seem to distort if too loud. I have to say it’s probably the mix and engineering. Shame because he is the Master!

I checked my "Songs from the Road" CD and it shows 2010. Not that new!

No one said it was new. It’s a collection of recordings from a world tour. 
Sounds fine streaming from Spotify.  Live recordings in different venues so each is a little different but pretty good overall.