Lessloss DFPC Signature VS Sablon Gran Carona

Hello all,
I'm very interested in these 2 Pc's. From reviews they seem to suit my sound preferences. My only hesitation with the Sablon's is their sheer size.
Any thoughts?
I have 2 LL Sigs and they are exceptional PC's. depending on the component attached to, on or near par with Nordost Valhalla PC's I also use. The LL's are the real deal at a very reasonable cost.

Never heard of Sablon, sorry.

Thanks Neal,
Yes, all my research has told me both these cords are exceptional. I'm just looking for the main differences / trade offs between the 2.
I use the Lessloss origonals and Sablon Robusto as my main power cords. They are more different than one better than the other. The Robusto's are on the rich side of neutral, I believe Mark partly produced the Grand Corona, to get nearer neutrality. Both are truly excellent and great value. I have'nt heard the signatures
I have both the LL signatures and the Sablon Gran Coronas. IMS/IMO the difference between the two is not even close. I have tried both in several of my systems and consistently the GCs out- perform the LL sigs (audio and video). The GCs have replaced my previous reference pc, Elrod Statements ( at a fraction of the cost and heft.) I am not impressed at all with the LL ( I paid too much to the many positive reviews rather than listen for myself.)

my less than 2 cents
Rgwrjs If you have heard the Robusto's, did you hear a lot of difference between them and the Gran Corona. Mark lent me a Uber Robusto, the prototype of the Gran Corona and I have to say I did'nt hear an enormous difference. I am interested in other peoples views on this.
Contact Mark and ask him if you can audition his cord. Demo cords were making the rounds not long ago. I have owned the Lessloss original. Yes the GC is a mighty beast which no doubt has much to do with it's greatness. It has yet to pull my pre amp off of it's shelf.
I did not hear the Robusto. I demo'ed the GC at my home and compared to my existing array of pcs (Elrod sig and statements, LL signatures, various Shunyatas,etc.). I really like the GC, and it was re-statement of the audiophile axiom, "there is always better".
I haven't tried the Lessloss, but FWIW the Sablon Uber Robusto ate my Shunyata Black Mamba CX for breakfast. I mean not even close. Far blacker background and taut, textured bass to die for. It likewise trounced a Cardas Golden Reference. Can't imagine buying anything else at that price point.
I own 3 LessLoss Signatures. If you're worried about "sheer size," the LessLoss can be had in various lengths and they're also very light and flexible. So if you ever had sensitive footers, you shouldn't have to worry about whether that important balance will be compromised. Apart from that, the DFPC provides an immediately (within a few seconds) obvious improvement on the audio event. Without a doubt, the Signatures can make a huge improvement.

I found their website very informative, too, to understand how the DFPC is such an effective power cord. (www.lessloss.com). Hope this helps.
Hi G,
I compared both of those cords on my highly modded Marantz sa7s1.
I liked the gran corona better on my SACD and sold the LL, YMMV.
It was a few years ago so honestly don't remember all the improvements, but tonality was better. It didn't blow the LL away both are very good cords.
Hi Cfluxa

How did the robusto trounce the Cardas Golden Reference? In what ways was it better? I am using a Golden Reference to a CD transport and am considering a Robusto.