Let's share key moments in our musical lives

Those moments that stick with us decades later.
1. My Dad buying me my first 45, ‘At the hop’.
2. Buying my first album with paper route money. ‘Meet the Beatles’.
3. Looping a Creedence album Xmas day, until my Mom yelled, “Turn that crap down”. First time I ever heard her swear.
4. Crying with my beautiful girlfriend (pictured) when she had to move. (We were sitting on her window seat and ‘Leaving on a jet plane’ came on the radio.
5. Buying my first expensive speaker set (M&K). The stereo store put on ’School’ by Supertramp. When that kid screams near the beginning, I about jumped out of my chair.
6. Going to a concert with my daughter to see one of our favorite bands, Cloud Cult.

Share yours



Beautiful girl! Is that a '55 Ford? My Dad had a light green station wagon.

      At the age of ten (1958): discovered what the FM dial was for, on our DuMont AM/FM/TV/Phono console.

      Heard 'Take Five' on my '66 Olds 88's radio, beginning my love affair with Jazz.

      I enlisted in the Marines just before the release of 'Leaving On a Jet Plane’.

      It became my (and my honey's) theme song, over the following few years.

1. When I was 5, I found phonograph trophy from WW2 and dialed the spring to play it and it played for a while, than heard loud pop inside the box and playing stopped. The spring snapped out. I try to get inside the box and the spring popped out so hi that it could reach the ceiling. I got into tears that my music stopped, but after thinking a while I decided to remove the spring and put box together without it and was spinning records by finger and listening to them.

2. My dad found Telefunken tube console radiola and that one has everything electric and everything worked. Found bad tubes, replaced a few and there you go -- my new toy!

3. I found accordion and started playing to what I was listening

4. I was accepted to school of music when I was 6 and started learning to play accordion and some piano.

5. Got fight with dad, slammed door and went to streets playing in a gypsy busking band when I was 14. Still love freedom of street life in my quite large home and property.

6. Did not establish myself as a musician, but happily performing tasks of software engineer for the past 30 years. My musician training opened me lots of doors to an interesting music including classical music. 

Getting a pair of KEF Corellis. The ten dollar Tijuana-bought guitar I co-opted from my sister. Happening upon Mahler's Symphony #4 on the local radio station, one evening. Watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

Are you looking for music associated with significant events in life, or that made lasting impressions without emotional cues?