Levinson OK to buy now?

Is the reliability of the ML's acceptable now? Someone said the minimum repair cost is $1000? How have the 320 and 326s auditioned for you all? Thanks!
Sold my 37 due to repeated drawer malfunction every six months .Cost of repair in my country ,not that high,just a nuisance to get it serviced that often.

Using a newest version AA Prima cd player ,now ....
I think the company is now headed back in the right direction. There is lots of inaccurate info about the cost of repairing the equipment. Levinson should post the policy on their website and price for the repair of each piece with a full explanation of the details. The prices one hears about are the maximum it would cost to repair each piece. I believe this is the way equipment is serviced.
1. Call Levinson or have your dealer get an RA #.
2. At that time you are told of the maximum cost to repair the item, for which they get your approval. I understand that no matter what is needed even if a total rebuild is in order that is the most they can charge.
3. However most equipment will not need this extensive of a repair, for instance if a reistor or cap or fuse is blown, (take it to your dealer first, they might be able to diagnose the problem as the equipment does have repair codes the dealer may be able to access.)
4. So you will only be charged what it costs to repair the item.
5. If confused and want the real story call Levinson service at 781 280 0300.
You might want to talk with Richard there for he has the most experience with the product. Very helpful and knowledgable.
James Cohen is in charge of Levinson service and he is an excellent source of info and dedicated to his job as well.
Hope this helps.
You provided a very good detailed info for some of us Levinson funs.