Lexicon RT-20 or Cambridge 840C ?

I need to replace my CD player. I was considering purchasing a Cambridge 840C CD player for ~ $1200. I can buy a new Lexicon RT-20 for ~ $1000. I am more interested in listening to 2 channel CDs than DVDs. However, the DVD function would be nice. Any opinions on the sound quality on the Lexicon RT-20 vs the Cambridge 840C? Any recommendations?

Current equipment include Thiel CS 3.6 speakers, Bryston amp and Outlaw audio 990 processor that I am in the process of setting up for HT. I am also planning on purchasing a JL audio f113 sub for HT and stereo listening and a thiel SCS4 center speaker.
Can't speak for the Cambridge, but I own the the RT-20 and bought it just for 2 channel listening. It's a very nice sounding machine and built very well, it also plays SACD. I would highly recommend the RT-20.
At the price the Lexicons are going for they are an out right steal even if only used for two channel listening. I brought home a demo Lexicon RT 20 then tried an Esoteric DV50s. The only reason I chose the Esoteric was it worked well in my system and to my ears was a little more anologue sounding. That is not a knock against the Lexicon either as it sounded excellent as well. I know the cambridge gets a lot of good reveiws , I listened to one at the dealers and I don,t think its in the same league as the Lexicon. I would definately take the RT 20 over the Cambridge. Ridiculously low priced now for the build and sound. Cheers
I use the RT-20 in my Spectral/MIT based system.
With appropriate ac power isolation and conditioning for it and your preamp it will likely prove the best component in your system.
It is truly a remarkable bargain in the high end. Very musical.