Lexicon BD-30 universal player

I saw an interesting review of the new Lexicon BD-30 universal player and the reviewer mentioned that he bought the oppo se to compare the lexicon to. His verdict is that the lexicon was better built, better picture and much quieter in operation. The msrp is $3500. Has anyone else had the opportunity to compare these? I understand a price difference between the two is significant but was just wondering if it would be worth that difference?
Look forward to opinions and ideas. Thanks.

Joe in Mobile
My comments on a comparison of the 83, 83SE and the Lex will appear in the March issue of Stereophile.

I read somewhere that the Lex is just an Oppo put into a Lexicon chassis. This source even claimed that Lexicon didn't even remove the Oppo case work before stuffing it into the nicer Lexicon chassis.
According to Audioholics, the Lexicon is literally a BD-83 dropped into a new case, chassis and all.
Hey Kal,

It would be great to include the NuForce modded version as well - may be the best of the bunch!
I read that too. The following link shows the inside with pictures of the BD-30 and the Oppo and they are identical. This is sick if it is true.

Dlcockrum wrote:
Hey Kal,

It would be great to include the NuForce modded version as well - may be the best of the bunch!
Too late. Gone to press. NuForce never responded to my request.


I read the review and that is really unbelievable. If this is true it is a big black eye for Lexicon and I think not good for the high end HT industry. I know Ayre and Theta are also building off of the Oppo BD-83. Ayre has done this with its CD players but they completely gut just about everything except the transport. I own Ayre equipment and their performance is stellar. I suspect we will not see the same from Ayre and Theta.
According to the Audioholics review "We fully disclosed our findings to Lexicon prior to publishing this article and they still maintain their player has audio and video enhancements over the stock BDP-83".

But there are no details as to what these might be. I suppose the Lexicon splash screen and menu item reordering could, as a big stretch, be called video enhancements, but what would be the audio enhancements?
Spoke with friends in the hi-fi industry who confirmed that the story is true. Turns out several companies use the Oppo transport (Ayre, Theta and Primare are a few), but significantly modify the power supplies, chipsets, etc. But, unfortunately, many more are probably pulling similar stunts to Lexicon. Simple circuits, cheap parts and huge markups.
I am really glad I started this thread. I would hate to think that myself or others would have been duped by lexicon! The issue for me now is what would happen if reviewers started pulling the thread a little harder (more in-depth mechanically) what also would unravel? I would find it hard to believe that lexicon would just do this once. I would like to believe that everyone makes a mistake, but this is a supposed solid company with a solid reputation. Why would they do unless they thought they could get away with it and this says a lot about their opinion of us consumers. I wonder who else is doing this? Just my 2cents worth. Thanks for the info.

Joe in Mobile

If you think a billet aluminum faceplate, THX badge, and double box w/ extra insulation for a $3K premium over the Oppo BD-83 it hides inside it's chassis is worth it... then yes, the Lexi[con] BD-30 at 7x's the price is what you want.

What an insult to both audio/video-philes alike. Lexicon exhibits the same unconscionable business ethics as investment bankers. Pure capitalistic greed. Nothing else. Now they show the classic denial-guilt complex in their repsonse to Audioholics because they've been caught. In their minds they're thinking other companies do the same thing so why are we the bad-guys. That might be so, but they usually make significant modifications to the unit, as do after-market mod companies. The latter doing a much better job at it, and probably for less. What an embarrassment for a supposedly revered A/V company. I have not, and will not, buy Lexicon products.

I wonder if the $15K KRELL Evolution 555 is just a repackaged/rebranded Oppo BD-83 too. ;-)

Another significant part of the story is that the Lexicon received THX certification (the Oppo did not), yet the measurements taken clearly showed that the Lexicon did not meet THX specifications. How much faith or value should we place with both companies if the allegations are true?
One other issue is the credibility of reviewer who compared the lexicon to the oppo. This reviewer compared the two players directly and said the lexicon was far superior to the oppo! What does that tell us about the state of the audio industry?

Joe in Mobile
Didn't Lexicon do this once before? Didn't Stereophile once report that a Lexicon universal dvd player measured the same as a budget Pioneer universal dvd player?
Did this same thing also happen with Gamut dvd ($3500) being a pioneer elite dv-47? ($700.00)
Right, it's not first for Lexicon. RT-10 and RT-20 were identical to Marantz universal players down to the circuit board. Some things never change.
What Marantz model is equivalent to the RT-20? I've heard good buzz on these forums on the RT-20.
The RT-20 appears to have a couple of small extra boards in it. Probably mods to the power supply and maybe output stage. Other than that, everything else appears identical - wire colors, chokes, even looks like the copper screws on the inside of the Lexicon. Fool me once, shame on you....Fool me twice,.....
The extra boards are for BNC component output and something else insignificant that I don't remember. The power supply board looks identical, as is the main board with analog output stages.
...and realize now the number of people aware of this scam at this company going home at night to tell their families how creative their jobs are?! Nice spot on your resumes...scammers!
The Lex IS a oppo83...for 2.5 thousand more...it's your money but I suggest save for a rainy day.
The Lex IS a oppo83...for 2.5 thousand more...it's your money but I suggest save for a rainy day.
To all of those that are crying the Lex is just a covered Oppo, it has always been, "Buyer Beware". Nothing new with Lexicon. If they can get away with it, more power to them. I think a really good way to attack Lexicon back, is just don't buy the player. That usally stops companies alot quicker than belly aching.:)
The usb port without a cover doesnt looks good on it. I think is a better deal than the Marantz SACd player.