Lightning quick DYNAMIC amp in the under $1000 range

Hi guys, slowly upgrading my system on a bang for the buck budget. Anyone know of a musical, dynamic amp for under a grand? I would prefer new, but if anyone knows of a good deal on the used market, that could work, as well.
Correct, you would only vertical bi-amp if using identical poweramps if powerful enough, using the speakers xovers there is no phase problems!!. But not with 2 Aegir’s as 25w is still not enough for the bass.

But in horizontal bi-amping still using the speakers xovers, I suggest the OP if he has the superior Class-A Aegir on the mids and highs and an cheap 100w midfi Class-D on the bass which they’re good at doing. And still no phase problems!!

Cheers George
George, excellent idea. Hadn't even considered it. Gonna look into the different biamp options. Thanks for the tip, too Tomic!
PS Audio Sprout 100 is a bargain, and you can stream Bluetooth to it and bypass preamp/dac etc. MM phono stage, Optical digital input to cut the ground, and even can be run preamp out.  $599 and you can return it for free if it doesn't work with your system. Plenty of power to even power my Rockports in my Main System to crazy fast bass volumes. Not as sterile like typical Class D amps. Two weeks of burn-in has opened it up and it actually responds to power cord upgrades.
bstat, jetter, I made a recommendation on a very good, inexpensive power cord. Did either of you do anything about it, to try?  Enjoy ! MrD
mrdecibel, funny you would ask, I just received three of the 6 footers and one is settling in very nicely on my parasound A21+.  The others will be powering my Museatex-Meitner monoblocks that I will be getting back tomorrow from being modded by John Wright.  

I am a novice regarding aftermarket power cords, but these do seem very well made.  Thanks for the recommendation.