Lii Audio open baffles vs Forte 1 vs Heresy IV

For those who may be interested in their sound characteristics compared. I did some demos about halfway through for those who may be interested to hear them. Happy listening. ---daniel



Good stuff. I played the music and enjoyed the second speaker in the line-up the most.

It sounds more coherent (musically) with better definition across the frequency spectrum. 

I liked them all actually. The Liis were so clear with a huge soundstage.The Fortes had a meatier sound as did the Heresys(which could use a pair of subs).Thank you for the video.

Were these volume matched? Where is the measured in room response at the listening position of each speaker? A measurement mic costs very little and you can download a free program to do the measurements. EVERY single audiophile needs to measure their system......very instructive. Listening rules....but....a speakers measurements mean a lot in listening. It is fun "playing with speakers".....but if you never measure can get really lost.

The Lii drivers have horrible binding posts on them.....totally veiled. Hardwire directly to the voice coil wires.....and get rid of the nut on the binding post.....even better is to eliminate the binding post all together. Get your cables off the floor!

Those Lii drivers need hundreds of high spl pounding to really sing....and casters underneath the speakers?.......are you kidding? The front baffle should be at least 2 inches thick and is best to have hardwoods on the front and somethng high density mdf in the rear......three layering is even better.....and Green Glue between layers. You need a seriously rigid and damped baffle.

Two parallel full ranges that are not time aligned is not a good idea.....even if time aligned....still a problem. And the woofer needs to be time aligned with the full ranges.....EVERYTHING makes a difference......The more I KNOW....the more that I know....that I know nothing.....tiss infinite.


@ricevs I am patiently awaiting your offered guidance on Hard Wiring to the Voice Coil.

I have a intention to try this method out to see what the outcome is like audibly. 

Yea, the Lii's are slightly more splayed compared to the imaging of the Forte 1's.

The Lii’s sound great but they have a little bit of dipole diffusion whereas the Forte and Heresy had a little more focus & imaging vs the bigger soundstage of the Lii.  I’d imagine that a less symmetrical room might emphasize that difference.  The Heresy needs a sub compared to the other two but otherwise very impressive, I really like the drivers on the IV series, so from the mids up it was better than the Forte.  I’d say in this setup the Lii’s were my favorite however in most real world scenarios where you have a non-symmetrical room or cant be fully in the sweet spot, the Klipsch speakers would be better.