Like female vocals - Check out Cold Specks

Nothing else to say, just check her out and let us know what you think. 
@dweller You’re right! Obviously very dissimilar styles, but very similar tone and frequency in their voices. Kudos on the pick up - Thanks!
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My thanks to those here who turned me on to Karen Souza, Kandace Springs and Melody Gardot.  Lovin' it!  Not sure about Cold Specks yet.  Need to hear some more and see if her "slightly raspy" vocals work for me.  Appreciate being alerted to her regardless!

Thanks for sharing.  I always Iike to hear new voices, and this one sounds like a keeper. 

@hifiman5 I don’t know any of them - thanks, I’ll check them out.

@n80 I like Susan Tedeschi

@phaeton16 I don’t know Beth Hart, thanks for that tip. I have Janis in the car CD changer now!

I’m glad many of you like Cold Specks, those that don’t- thanks for giving her a listen. It’s funny, I’ve been listening to her for about 6 years after learning about her on NPR. Last year I thought she must be pretty popular by now and when I got notified she was doing a gig at a small place in Brooklyn I was thrilled to go. Turns out that there couldn’t of been more than 15 people there. A month later I heard her in Macy’s. Speaking of that the Macy’s near me plays some really good music.
@phaeton16  REALLY digging Beth Hart! Thanks, aside from her obvious talent I like her style and the musical composition. 
I love Neko Case's song Hold on,hold on but I just haven't been able to warm up to the rest of her stuff. I love the line in that song:

"I left the party at three a.m. (alone thank god)...."
I like Neko Case
For my taste I finds “Hold in, Hold On” a bit too unnatural and I like some of her other songs better where you hear her natural tone. 

This artist may already be familiar to many but I also really like Rhiannon Giddens.

Check her out in “Spanish Mary” on “The New Basement Tapes” on Tidal(only song), or her latest album “Freedom Highway” on Spotify. Personally I love her voice, but I wish she’d choose a different musical style. I like her “The Love We Almost Had” more than the her typical style. But her voice is gorgeous regardless.

In listening more to Beth Hart, I’m finding her liberal use of vibrato a bit overwhelming- like she had a bit too much musical theater coaching. 
Love Susan Tedeschi

Years ago I saw Susan Tedeschi and Buddy Guy warming up for Johnny Lang in Stanhope, NJ on what happened to be Buddy’s Birthday. Yes, you read that right, Buddy Guy was opening for Johnny Lang! Nothing against Johnny Lang, he was very respectful saying he didn’t deserve to bring Buddy picks, and inviting him onstage during his set.  Anyway, Susan Tedeschi was awesome. Her band was good- this was before she joined up with Derek Trucks, but she was awesome. 
Funny story....walking out of the show I overheard a woman commenting to her daughter: “I really liked the black guy.” I couldn’t help myself, I said “Well, the ‘black guy’ was Buddy Guy, a guitar legend that Eric Clapton once referred to as “the best guitarist in the world.”
As much as I found her reference a bit repulsive and condescending, I had to appreciate her taste. 
Well, Buddy Guy is a "black guy" so I don’t see anything condescending about that....but being at a concert and not knowing who he is, well, that’s just pitiful....

Edit: Thanks for the references to some of Neko's other songs. I'll definitely look them up.
@jetson (and any other interested parties)...
Specks was on Moby’s Innocents album (Tracks 2 & 10)...possibly old news.

Another female vocalist you might enjoy:
Dionne Bennett of Slowly Rolling Camera
You all need to come over to the ongoing music threads. Happy to have you there!
I’ve been listening to the Cold Specks for a while. I searched them out after tracking down the artists on Moby’s great album “Innocents”. I highly recommend checking it out. Here’s a Tidal link...
For more great music I think you should find appealing check out Trentemoller’s latest album Fixion. Also, he put on the best live show I’ve ever seen several years ago at The Ogden in Denver. One of my all time favorite songs is “Miss You” of The Last Resort. He came out solo (full band left the stage, not a dj only show) and played the xylophone to absolute perfection.
Beth Hart is too vulgar for me. I have a live recording and all she does is use the f word constantly. Plus her voice is more like screaming. IMHO of course.