Line Conditioner - Small (3 outlets or less)

Any thoughts on a small conditioner for front-end gear?

Maybe one of the smaller CPT models like the Equi=Core 50 or the 150 for sale here on Audiogon.

Blue Circle might have one to fit your needs. I don't know if they have one with only three outlets but maybe he could make one for you.

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The small CPT models look really cool - unfortunate about the captive power cable, though.

Thank you for the suggestions..!

Never met a line conditioner that didn't color the sound badly and rob the dynamics from the system...If you must... I 2nd the Audience as well.

I too like the flexibility of interchanging power cords, but I look at the CPT Equi=Core 50/150/300 AS a power cord, only with a network (the balanced power unit) built into it, also with the option of adding an outlet strip to feed more components (subject to the total power draw rating of the particular CPT model).

I think Mark @ CPT offers upgraded power cord options on some models, so you could inquire about that option if it is of interest to you.

Audience RP2 wonderful unit well made with great sound this is the best way to go.Enjoy!!
I really like the Emotiva CMX-2 DC Blocker and Line Filter that I use.  First DC blocker that didn't hurt dynamics in my system and helped removed DC from my mains line.  Nice price also...
Thanks for all the feedback, folks. I like the idea of the Audience, but my outlets are mounted horizontally and would not accommodate the weight of my cables into the RP2.

@sbrownnw I called Emotiva to ask them why the CMX-2 doesn't have surge suppression and the fell I spoke with (super nice guy) said it would be current limiting - having been an owner and fan of the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet, I'm psyched to get the Emotiva into my rig and see how it sounds..It's very similar filtering.

Did you notice any sonic improvements?

The price is redic cheap...
Equi=Core makes an outstanding product. We have both the 1800, and the 300. Both outstanding IMHO. 
Yes the Core Power Technologies is excellent .they have a Very new model just 
Coming out call and speak to Mark. The Equa core  ptoducts are excellrnt 
And much less then the competition.
@mjmch2003, no real sonic improvements as I have good stuff upstream (see system details). It did help eliminate DC coming in from the power company's main line. 
If you have the funds purchase a Power Core Technologies 1200 and down the road if your system grows you will be set. Who knows, you might find that your system sounds better with more than your front end plugged into it. It's all system and location dependent, you have to try it for yourself to kmow for sure.
 Clarifying question: Which Power Core Technologies product has 3 OR LESS outlets?

Any pic I can find is either something that looks like a cord with a box or a standard looking line conditioner.

Much appreciated..!
The CPT 50/150/300 are power cords with the CPT balanced power module inserted in the cord and intended to be used with an accompanying power strip (with a female IEC inlet) which they also sell to accommodate as few components as you wish (even one without the power strip) or as many components as the specific CPT model can handle based on its wattage/current rating.

Quick update from the OP....

So, I bought the Emotiva CMX-2 and it's being fed by a Shunyata Alpha HC power cord to power my front end - DAC and CD player (also hooked up with Shunyata PCs).

First impressions on build quality: This this built like tank. At least as solid as the PS Audio Juice Bar and Ultimate Outlets that I have owned. It does, however look "pro-audio" but the WAF seems to be higher than that of the Ultimate Outlet or "white box" as it has been referred to. 

Sound quality: sounds like nothing at all as far as I can tell.

Thoughts on value: This is *exactly* what I was looking for (2 outlets) and at the price, seems like a total steal (DC offset..!! and non limiting conditioning..!!).

Thanks all for the suggestions..!

Glad you are happy :). In the future, if you want to hear more than "nothing at all" (which is certainly much better than some "conditioners") but improvement you might consider trying the CPT 50 in place of the Shunyata PC feeding the CMX-2.

Best to you mjmch,
Did you guys find a new out of box unit a tad bright sounding? My 150 is right now. How long for break in based on your experience? 

I have mine on my Int amp. 
Chang Lightspeed line filters work great IMO.

No current limiting, or coils with phase shifts in the AC.

Separate analog and digital component connections for isolation.

Used models pop up for $300 to $400