Linear Power Supply Question

My router and modem are both powered by separate "wall wart" switching power supplies. Neither is plugged into the power conditioner but are on a separate line. If you were to choose which device to LPS first, what would that be and why? I ethernet cable connect my router direct to my Lumin T2. I'm assuming adding a LPS will drop the noise floor.  Thanks to all who respond.
Buy 2 pieces of shungite (50 GRAMS)  glued(blutak) a piece of Herkimer diamond (3 grams) on top of the shungite...For a few bucks you will be happy...
If you were to choose which device to LPS first, what would that be and why?

It depends on your ’device’ chain.

Other than your Router, which components do you have in the chain (since you are going direct from the Router to your Lumin T2)?
David T, thanks for responding. Simple chain here. Modem cabled to router cabled to Lumin. The modem and router plugged into a generic power strip in another outlet and circuit from the audio gear. BTW, I find your posts are always thoughtful and helpful....appreciate your attitude.
I would put linear power supply on the router first because that is part of your internal network and chains together things like music server, player, DAC, etc.  The modem would just be another piece on the internet interface.  You can't put linear power supply on every single piece of the internet, lol.  The modem is also an additional step away from the Lumin, so anything in between would help filter noise.
An alternative which may be less expensive, is to use a separate power conditioner to to clean up the digital gear. Here’s my current thinking: