Link Wray, "The Swan Singles"

I was wondering if anybody has heard this release from Sundazed records. It looks like it might be a pretty good LP.
Ah, yes, Link Wray. I grew up and went to high school in the Maryland suburbs northwest of Washington, DC, and I attended several dances in the late 1950's when Wray's band played (this was after his hit single, "Rumble"). Wray doesn't get much recognition in the pantheon of early rock 'n' roll, although the reissues of his music suggests that more people are getting exposed to his work.
haven't heard Link Wray mentioned
in some time. i have a mono LP titled "jack the Ripper" by link;am heading to my crawlspace to dig it out and give it a spin.
I listened to it last night. It is a must have for anybody with a interest in the history of rock. Now I no who influenced Dick Dale and the other surf guitarists of the 60's.