Linn chassis mod

Has anyone installed the cetech carbon fibre subchassis mod and found it to be an improvement? Better bass, more clear midrange. Or do you lose special qualities of Linn sound? I currently have a Linn r unning into an ARC Reference phono stage.
Do a search at AudioAsylum for comments on direct experience with this mod. Happy Listening!

Everything the Cetech does is positive and in no detracts from the pacing and drive of the Linn. I changed both the subchassis and the Linn motor for the Origin Live motor and outboard power supply about a yaer ago. It's certainly like having a new turntable born from the same mother.

The Cetech alone resolves much more detail and brings everything more sharply into focus. The OL upgrade gives a much wider, deeper, and better 'arranged' soundstage. the first thing you will notice is that percussion is shockingly realistic and 'in the pocket'.

Either upgrade is a significant improvement. Together the total improvement is greater that the sum of the parts. And how much is the sum of the parts ? The subchassis is $200 to the US. The OL upgrade is around $500. You may want to check with Galen Carol Audio for pricing. He carries most of the Origin Live line in the US.

Have fun,

The reviews are positive enough. I am about to send my LP12 to Extreme Phono in CA for the subchassis, armboard and phono cable upgrade. Will let you know how it goes in a month or so, though comparisons will be difficult as I am also putting in an Arkiv B cartridge.
I think the cetech is great! Noone has compared the ol dc motor directly to the ac versions with upgraded power supplies a la lingo, naim, or goldmond. 'till that is done, I'll stick with my goldmond.

What phono upgrade is extreme phono offering?