Linn Classik Movie The Right Choice?

I've been researching different HT systems for a large (25x50) rec room with a 7ft ceiling. I keep coming back to the Linn because of its reputation and simplicity, but am concerned that it might not be enough power for this size room. I'll only be using half the room for the HT set up, but it's still all open space. My other choices at this time would probably be a Denon or Marantz receiver. Will the Classik Movie's 75 watts be enough or is it best for small room applications?
I'd go with the full AE Aego5 theatre system for retail USD $1200. Add the dvd player of your choice and you're in business, with a better result, and for less capital.
As much as I like Linn products, the Classik movie lacks the punch to do justice to a film soundtrack. I auditioned one, being lured by the Linn reputation and ease of use of a single box. The volume must be above 3/4 all the time,
Classik Movie lacks component video switching, Classik Movie-Di adds component video switching but the two of them lacks proggresive output. The room were I auditioned was about 14' x 12' x 9'.
I would say it's ok if you mate it to some efficient speakers of 90db+. The tradeoff you are making is power for sound quality/compactness at the 3K price point.

There are some televisions that will have video switching built into them. My Sony XBR does and I connect all my video sources directly to it. I use all sony sources so the switching takes place automatically when I start using a given source.

If you do find that you are short on power you can run five channels into dedicated amplifiers. Even at 3K, a good quality pre/dvd/processor is a pretty good deal. There's a lot to be said for an integrated system.

Here is the classik movie manual: