Linn Classik versus Linn Majik

Purely in terms of sound quality, does anyone have any experience as to how the Classik's amplification set up compares to the Linn Majik? I'm trying to decide whether to save money and go with a new Classik, or, for about the same price, pick up a used Linn Majik plus Linn Genki CD player.

Sounds like a missmatch. As a one time classik owner I can tell you that there really are few if any one piece systems that can compare. (at that price) The classik will outperform the majik but the Genki is a far better cd player than the classik. If it were my money I would sacrifice the tuner and buy a Genki with a Linn LK85,140 etc. depending on how much speaker you intend to run. Unless your hellbent on listening to the commercials on your local radio station this combo should bring you great amounts of joy.
More information -- I have these 2 options, either of which would run me $3500:

1. Classik, Katans, Sizmik, no stands, wire or other extras (Classik is demo, rest are new); or

2. Majik, Tukans, Genki, Pekin (these names are idiotic) plus Audioquest jumpers, K-400 cable, skeets and $250 Target stands. All are less than a year old with a US warranty and in perfect condition.

What to do? Does option 2 beat option 1 in terms of sound?

i can't help you regarding the sonics here, but i *can* say i'd be hesitant to buy any amp/pre/tuner that had a cd-player built-in. the rate of advancement is just so great w/digital that the piece will be obsolete in no time - you'll want to either hook another cd-player into it, or sell it...

ymmv, doug s.

Pretty tough decision. I started with Genki/Majik combo and then downgraded to the Classik because the sonic differences were less important to me. (I started with Tukans and now have Ninkas.)

Many people are surprised at how good the Classik's CD player sounds. And it doesn't help that (to my ears) the genki sound is much closer the classik than to the superior Ikemi, my favorite player.

I have heard that Katan + Sizmik is pretty tough to beat (with katans alone not much better than the Tukans alone.)

It might make more sense to think in terms of your upgrade options. With option #1, if will be difficult to change the components. But your speakes will be sufficient for a long time. A "set it and forget it" approach.

With #2, you could change one thing at a time. The Tukans are great speakers, and will keep you happy for a while, but they may need a sub at some point. This would work better for "tweakers" and "constant upgraders."

Keep in mind that both systems are very well matched right now and will probably sound equally good.
Thanks. I ended up going with the Majik plus Tukans, and have added an LK 85 so that I can biamp and at a later date go Avtiv.

By the way, is there a sub you'd recommend other than the Sizmik (which is a little pricy).
kdl, if ya search the archives here, you'll find many subwoofer threads, expressing my opinions, & those of others. here's one of the most recent:

doug s.