Linn questions for novice.

First of all thanks for a great site! I want to buy a used Linn system, but have some questions. I was thinking of purchasing it all used, right here on My understanding of Linn is that all components sound the best if they are Linn. That limits me a little when it comes to for example to speakers. I was thinking of a Majik w/kudos tuner module ($650), a Mimik ($500-600) with a pair of Tucans ($ ? ) This would probably serve me OK, but what about the Keldich (sp?) speakers? ($1,000) I was also thinking, by recommendations from my local Linn dealer, to go with a Genki and a LK 85. Comments? Thank you very much!
You going to be better than OK! I have all Linn,you mentioned except i have Karik cd, which i would highly recommend! Regarding speakers, if you were to buy Linn, i would stick with Tukan. Other Linn speakers require more power, that means more money for amp's,as you mentioned LK-85 and up to three for Kabers!(which would be my choice) Another brand of speakers, i am looking into, is Meadowlark Kestrel's. I talked to few that have a Linn Majik/ Kestrel and they are very happy with the "combo". They are easy to drive (10w only) and give you extra money (one amp less) for source, Karik or Genki. Which is the main Linn's "philosophy" "SOURCE< SOURCE AND SOURCE" Welcome to a Linn sound...
Linn makes high quality gear. Linn does have a particular sound that they go for--namely playing "tunes" or getting the rhythm and pace right. Linn seems to galvanize people--you either love it or hate it. If you like the way Linn components sound, then by all means go with an all Linn system. Their components are made to work together synergistically, eliminating the need for system matching. My old linn dealer ran this blind comparison on me one time involving 2 interconnects--one an $80 Linn wire and the other a megabuck wire. In an all-Linn system, the cheaper Linn cable was better. The Majik is a good piece (I own one), and I've heard good things about the tuner module for it. You couldn't get an LK85 with getting a preamp to accompany it, meaning you'd have to spend more money than just a Majik by itself. You might want to spring for a current model CD player (the Genki) because digital technology keeps improving, but the Mimic is also a good player--likely better than new $500-600 players, although I haven't actually compared. As for the speakers, Tukans are minimonitors that are very fast, articulate and revealing but have limited bass. The Keilidhs are floorstanders--less articulate but they go lower, probably better for large scale music. One thing that's desirable about Linn systems is that they have upgrade paths. For example, you could get a Majik, then add an LK85 to biamp the speakers, then get a standalone preamp, then get a second LK85 to place the speakers in active mode. Good luck.
The above responses are sound and have good points. I do not hold strictly to the "all Linn" philosophy (party line). That aside, your choices are limited by your budget and your ears. For a CD only system, the Genki run directly into an LK85 would be quite a bit better than a Mimik/ Majik combo. I personally don't recommend the Mimik at all. It is revealing and musical, but it has a "hardness" to the sound that is completely absent in the Genki, which is the player that lured me back to CDs! Do you need a phono stage? What is the size of your listening room? The Tukans of course, do not have the bass response of the Keilidhs, but they are more neutral sounding with a higher quality midbass driver, whereas the Keilidh is a bit less bass articulate, but with a lower bass response. So, to sum up, my recommendation would be to buy a Genki, no question about it. The amp, be it LK85 or Majik, definitely audition and consider your priorities, budget and upgrade plans. As for the speakers, consider your room and listening preferences. Listen to music you are NOT familiar with through Linn equipment. This is a great test as to whether you truly enjoy the presentation - your bias towards familiar music it taken away. Well best of luck in your search. -John
Had a Majik/Mimik driving a pair of ProAc Tablette 50 Signature in my studies for a while. Work real well, very musical for the price of it.
ElDragon: it seems like you're the Linn man around here :) I read some reviews on and I think I best stick with the Tukans. If I go for the Majik, Mimik/Genki and Tucan combo it's tough to go wrong. If I could find a Genki for $1100 I'd probably buy it. But buying a Mimik for a low price would enable me to sell it later on and upgrading to a Genki. I read somewhere that the Tukans were updated in just the last couple of years or so. Does anyone know what year that was, and what to look for when shopping? Also, what's the difference between the Majik and Majik-I? Does the Kudos tuner module come with most of them? How expensive is it used? The speakers would unfortunatly go in the great room, which is together with the kitchen and is approx. 26'x 29. I know I won't get the best sound in such a large room, but it'll be a lot better than the non-fi I currently own. I'm getting excited! I feel like I'm on a hunt. I remember hearing the Mimik/Majik/Tucan combo 4 years ago, and I'll never forget it. True to Linn's philosophy - once you've heard ours, theirs will sound like noise.
Hi, Morty i am not particulari "Linn man", but at the time i was on the "look-out" just like you, and Linn was only company, that offered the best possible sound, for the money i was willing (able)to spend. And also, i was able to personaly audition the product. I am not aware of any upgrades, that Tukan went through. Also, Kudos tuner, doesn't come with the Majik, and you can find it for about $600(used). It is good tuner, but pricey.I am using vintage tube "Fisher" found on e-bay for less than 200 bucks. Regarding CD player, as i said you can find Karik II for 1K, and if you are to upgrade, just add NUmerik d/a converter, for around 800 bucks, and you would have digital front-end as good as any! I am VERY pleased with Karik(alone)and that is the player i am going to keep, as long as CD's exist. I would like to suggest, for you to find "silver" jumpers (jumpers, they are on the back of the Majik conecting amp with pre-amp, and factory ones are thick copper) The sound with the silver-ones, is much cleaner, transparent....I also have relatively large room, 20 x 15 which is also quite "brite" (wood-floor), which i treated with some heavy curtains, persian rug, bookshelves etc...and i have no problem. One more thing, when and if you get Tukan's make sure that you fill those stands with lead shot (to the top)I tipped mine, few weeks after i bought them, and made dent in one of them what made them "un-fit" for re-sale. Once again, good luck and contact me if you will.
I am happy to see that Linn products are apparently gaining more popularity. I am a sold-out Linn-o-maniac. I started with Tukan speakers, which I was very pleased with. You may be thinking of the fact that there was a previous model called the Kan, which was upgraded to the Tukan in the past couple of years. I found that I was happier using a subwoofer to get enough bass response -- I could not afford the Linn subwoofer at the time, so I used a Mirage which seemed to pair decently. In a large room the bass from the Tukans kind of disappears, but it also depends upon what type of music you listen to. I next went to an A/V system that used the 5140 speakers in the front, 5120 center and the Tukans in the rear, which sounded great. I became so sold on the Linn sound (and so did everyone else that heard the system), that I now have Linn Keltic speakers in the front, with the 5140s in the rear. All the speakers are run in active (I guess I should say Aktiv) mode. I am using Klout amps (to run all these speakers active requires eight amps). For A/V I run everything through the Linn 5103 processor. I am currently looking for an Ikemi CD player. I've moved the Tukans into a second room and plan to set up a second smaller system. I think your initial set-up with the Mimik/Majik/Tukan would be great. Sticking with the more recently introduced products should make resale easier when you upgrade. Although the Karik/Numerik combo may give you great sound at the moment, with the rapid advances in technology, I suspect they will become outdated and more difficult to sell within a couple of years. If you could possibly go up to the Genki, though, I would recommend it. Once the Linn bug gets you, watch out.
I am writing an addition to my previous post. Interesting discussion! Regarding the debate about Keilidhs vs. Tukans, I think the Tukan is more accurate in absolute terms because the combination of the small box and super-fast bass driver reveals great detail and really separates/ unmuddies the notes. The downside is that they are very unsympathetic to poor signal quality so you have to have a good source and amp to make them enjoyable. The same observation applies the the Kabers. In a small space with a good source, the Tukans rock with incredible clarity. Linn has re-introduced a cheaper model, the Kan, that is not so revealing. Personally, I chose the Keilidhs for a several reasons. First, my listening area is too large and would swallow up the little Tukans. Secondly, I have a cheaper CD player (an Arcam Alpha 8) that necessitated a little bit more forgiving speaker, which the Keilidh is. Third, I hope someday to upgrade to a better source and active drive, which will help to improve the bass control. (I guess I'm a little wary of using the Tukans with a subwooofer for music because it would be hard to find one that would keep up with them.) The Keilidhs are also an especially elegant-looking speaker that made a nice addition to the furniture in my living room. When I bought them, I really felt I got my money's worth. Ultimately, I think both models are high quality products. I would have liked to audition Meadowlark speakers in my system, but there was no dealer close by, so it wasn't meant to be. Some other commonly accepted points that I can vouch for: You absolutely have to have the optional granite bases for the Keilidhs to tighten up the bass. Audioquest silver jumper cables really are a good, cheap ($40) upgrade to the Majik. And finally, upgrading the power cord for the Majik can add another increment of improvement. Good luck and have fun. It's exciting to get new equipment and rediscover your favorite music. Every time I get something new, I have a blast going through all my CDs.
I don't buy into the mystique of a "Linn sound" any more than any other brand's sound, or the lore of getting an all-Linn system. Start thinking like that, and it begins to get in the way of honestly evaluating components. Having said that, I've had Linn Sekrits for a few years and just bought a Majik (over Arcam and Acurus competition) to drive them with. (Have a Rega Planar 3 and a mid-fi HK CD player as sources.) The Sekrits are interesting speakers. They're made for on-wall installation (sort of a "lifestyle" arrangement, or as rear speakers), but I have the dedicated floor stands that go with them. The case is of plastic resin and is only about 5" deep. I think most people don't take them seriously as main speakers because of their looks, but they perform very nicely and are incredibly convenient for busy rooms - easy to move if need be, tough as nails, not particularly sensitive to placement. I guess if I have any "lifestyle" requirements at all, those, rather than 'beautiful finish that matches the woodwork in the room', might be it. Haven't heard Tukans, but I would describe Sekrits the same way people describe Tukans -- except I wouldn’t describe the Sekrits as being bass-shy (Linn specs rate Sekrits as having lower bass response). Uncanny how decent the bass is, considering the box has almost no volume. I don’t understand it. The Linn stuff I have sounds “neutral” to me. Is that the Linn sound? Everybody has his own idea of neutral. Nothing seems forced or out of place with the Majik, the clarity and smoothness are impressive. I could see some thinking the sound is thin. There’s a lot of that elusive quality of “life” in the music -- very refreshing. I had extra speaker wire, so bi-wired the Sekrits. To me, it helped with slightly more clarity and definition on top end with resulting more spacious (again, slightly) sound. I like to be skeptical about such things, but was tired from playing with interconnects so didn’t go back and forth to self-validate what I was hearing with biwiring. I just left it bi-wired, since it didn’t cost me anything. Question: Has anyone compared the LK85 and the LK140 amplifiers? Would be interested in comments.
I don't know, if it is good or bad, to have "neutral" system? I find, majority "normal" recordings, to sound "mediocr" at best. I realised that when i bought Karik cd player, that some CD's sound better than other's. I find small, acoustic orchestar, chamber and guitar to sound the best. And large symphonies, even "audiophile" recordings, not so "hot". Linn is definitely on "neutral" side, and is very sensitive to what quality of recording is fed. I rate "audioquest" most appealing, and MFSL differ from Cd to CD. Well...this is another subject...sorry.
I personally feel you can't go too far wrong with LINN gear. I have a Majik/LK100 Combo with K4 speaker wire and LINN interconnects. They work great with my Rotel CD player, although I would like to upgrade to LINN player too. I do not use LINN speakers though. I listened to to them and was not wild about them. Is there anyone else out there who loves LINN gear but not their speakers? I have ProAc One SCs and absolutely love them. I have heard that LINN speakers really only sound right when Aktiv and then they are awesome. What do you all think about LK100 vs. other amps in general and the newer LK series? I have heard some awful reviews on LK100 on web but it sounds so good on my ProAcs that it makes you want to cry. What is up with that? It easily sounds as good or better than a Majik and everyone raves about it!?
Good choice for buying Linn equipment used. Their stuff new is insanely overpriced for the sound you get. I used to own all Linn equipment and have sold all of it. It was very hard to sell for a fair price. I would advise you to listen to something else although the Linn cd12 is the best player under $100'000
If your "hobby" is buying and selling HI-FI gear every 6 months, than you are right SNOOOK! But if you are actualy buying for pleasure of listening music, than you should buy the product that you can personaly audition and, of course afford.
I have a new pair of tucans and the tweeters are different than the older models.
Your right Eldragon buy the best possible sound that you can afford. My tastes no longer include Linn. I have a large room also and like to listen to higher volumes at times and the Linn didn't cut it. Is your hobby buying ALL Linn equipment?
Not any more! I am happy with what i have (lying), and my hobby is "sniping" audiophile classical CD's and lP's of e-bay auctions. However, my next purchase, of course only if i become "famous" and lucky, is VAC Avatar, and Joshep RM 22si or...?
I bought a Linn Axis turntable about ten years ago and ever since then I have caught the Linn "bug" although I do not have any of their other equipment yet. I have heard the Tukans and am considering buying them. I really like them, especially their size, and even though I'm sure they don't have the lowest bass response. I was auditioning them with the "all in one" classik unit, which I do not know if you are considering. Paired with the Classik they sound really good and make a nice simple compact system. I am actualy considering gettting a used Mimik and possibly Majik as you are. Used you can get these a fairly reasonable price. I have been considering the classik, but it is overpriced, I think it's about 1800-2000 dollars new. Although used I've seen them on this site for between 850-1200 dollars which is a better deal. Some people don't like the "all in one-ness" of the Classik but it does have some flexibility where if you ever wanted a better amp, etc. you can still use the CD player as a "seperate." I guess what attracts me to that system is it's simplicity and compactness.
I have owned several Linn components, LP12, LK1-dirak, LK280
Karik, Helix speakers I have been very impressed with their quality, the only reason why I parted with any of it was divorce. When looking at Linn or any other brand, always remember the the source is the most important part of the system. In my listening/auditioning experience I had my best listening experience with an LP12/Ittok II/Valhalla/Karma through an Intek integrated and Nexus speakers, as opposed to an Axis/K9 through LK1, an Aktiv crossover, 3-LK280's into their top-of the line Isobarik's
I have no problem recomending Linn to anyone.
the tukans did go thru a tweeter change out a few years back. (i have 4 tukans and happy with them, i paired them with a rel strata III sub to give me the quick low end) be sure that you get the tuks withe the 3 bar tweeter, it is far superior to the original black screened tweeter.
I just picked up a pair of used tukans (with three wire cover on tweeter) and some very nice chicago audio stands (filled with white sand) for $675. Can anyone give me advice regarding distance from wall and between the two speakers? My room is about 15X15ft with wood floors (with a large oriental rug). I have already recognized that closer to the wall is better....but is there such a thing as too close? Also, I am desparately in need of upgrading my power source and have been auditioning everything from NAD(on the cheaper end) to REga, Arcam, Bryston, Linn, and Naim. I want to keep it under $1000 and am willing to go with used gear. Anyone out there have any thoughts?