Linn Tuner Modules for Kairn, etc.

When I first started looking at Linn gear some 10 years ago now I seem to recollect that in additon to seperate tuners, such as the Kremlin, Linn also sold a tuner module that could be installed in a Kairn or other pre-amp. Am I correct, and if so, does any one know what they were called, and how they sounded?


I believe they are called the Kudo's sneaky module. All of Linn's tuners are great but the modules aren't in the same league as the separates. Still, they are very good and a great deal if you buy a used preamp that already has one in it. For the cost of a new module you can buy a used separate Linn tuner. For my money I'd rather have a tube preamp and a Linn tuner.
I don't believe the Kairn will take a tuner module.
Wakonda and Kolektor will.
Only the Wakonda and the Majik will take a Kudos tuner. No other Linn preamps will.
Bmyles, Please be advised that the Kudos tuner sneaky module might be harder to find than a Kremlin tuner.
They were produced for a limited time, just a small lot
was produced. I belive it costed me $600.00, I later sold
the Wakonda with the tuner module for $875.00. I upgraded
to a Kairn-Pro and a Kudos stand alone. The Kudos module
does sounds better than the current Pekin tuner. If you find one be sure that you get all the parts needed for the installation. It does requeire a new control panel and display, plus the ribbon cables and plastic pillars. Your best bet is to buy a Wakonda with the module already installed, most people that I have deal with won't sell the
Kudos module alone. Hope this will help you. Hector
I installed a Kudos tuner in my Majik. It goes in a Majik or Wakonda, but not a Kairn. I don't know about the Kolector as I'm not familiar with it. Since it is discontinued, it may be hard to find a new one that isn't already installed. When it is installed, the Majik's display is replaced with the one which comes with the Kudos. Uninstalling it is problematic, because when you remove the Majik's display to install the Kudos, you have to break it. Actually, you break a couple of small plastic pegs on the display. If I took the Kudos out, I would have to find a new Majik display, maybe even break the Kudos' display in the same way. For this reason, if you want a Kudos module, you will probably have to buy one already installed.