List a Condition you know of that will produce Better Sound

For Example:

-Open Baffle always sounds better than a box speaker
-15" diameter Speaker sounds more real than a 6" version
- Heavier Speaker beats a lighter version
- Dual Concentric design beats a separate Mid and tweeter
- Fewer parts in an XO beats more

Okay let the fun begin...

More $$$ to invest isolation and room treatments better than less $$$.... Or at least some.
Unplugging unused gear from your preamp and from the AC wall outlet ALWAYS results in better sound.  In other words, if you’re listening to LPs unplug the input cables for your CD player, DAC, FM etc. from your preamp or amplifier.  And also unplug the power cords from the wall outlets.
There are no absolutes in audio other than good sounding stuff sounds better than worse sounding stuff. How you get there is often irrelevant.