Listening chair suck-out

Oh brother. I've been placing acoustic panels here and there in my room in order to deal with various reflection-based frequency anomolies, with remarkable success for the most pary. I use an SPL propped up with a tripod to the listening position, which happens to be in a comfy stuffed leather chair The chair eats 165Hz! About 25dB of it, to boot (from about 75dB down to 50dB). If I put the mic at the listening position sans chair, there is no suck-out at all. It is definitely the chair. Anyone have tips for building a marble throne?
How about a porcelain throne instead or marble. I think home depot has a sale on them so since you wont be flushing who cares about the flushing strength!!! :)
I had the same problem with a high-backed leather chair so I opted for a low-back chair with excellent results. To get clarity in the higher chair I needed to sit up straight to get my ears above the chair back. No more muddled sound and I don't feel any less comfortable.
The bummer is my wife bought me that chair expressly for my room.
Forgot to mention get a good comfy seat and seal it shut so no one mistakes it for something else.
Definitely look for a chair that does not extend higher than your shoulders. Your head should not have anything immediately behind it, otherwise you will hear that suckout.

Porcelain! That's it! It would go well with the magazine rack, and the back doesn't extend above my shoulders. Most significantly, we all know from experience that those things don't absorb low frequencies! Yeah!
Hello, My chair goes about half way up my back and is yet still comfortable enough to sit in for any amount of time I listen. Would be best to keep it below your shoulders and the lower the better.

Tell your spouse that your chair sucks and go buy something that you like.

Before you go must have some other chair in the house that you could swap out, just for a day or two to see if there really is an audible difference.
Yeah, I can swap chairs. My room is dedicated, so I can do whatever I like. For now I an going to use a little wooden rocker that I have always found very comfy.

I hope those of you with SPL meters have an easier time than I in dealing with the realities of room measurements. This stuff can drive a reasonable person over the edge.