Listening in Original Chess Studios Recording Room

I went on a tour of the original Chess Records building in Chicago.  The building is owned and operated by the Willy Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation.  I am long time blues and rock and roll history buff.  It was cool just being in the building where so many famous blues and rock and roll albums were recorded. 

The museum part was interesting, but the without a doubt the highlight was sitting in the main recording room and listening to music played by the tour guide.  We learned that the recording rooms were designed by an audio engineer and the sound quality in the main room was awesome.

The tour guide played music recorded in that room by Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, the Rolling Stones, Etta James, John Lee Hooker, and others.  The sound system that played the music used large JBL Monitors.  The Blues Heaven is strapped for cash and rest of the sound system was not elaborate.  The sound of the blues music that was played had the raw, immediate sound that I gravitate to.  Etta Jame's voice sounded like she was in the room.  Everything else that was played sounded great.

When I got home, I played some the same music on my system.  I could hear the sound of the room somewhat, but was obvious to me that listening in the recording studio room made a huge difference.  It was a fun listening experience. 

You can check out the Blues Heaven Foundation at
Willy Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation




Lucky you! I hope the Blues Heaven Foundation can keep it open. It would be a shame to see that studio turned into a laundromat or something.