My Revel Studios...They're Gone...Help?

Well, I've gone and done it - I sold my precious Revel Studios and I need guidance on replacements.

Check out my system and you'll see my Thor Audio monoblocks (60 watts). I love them. I'm not getting rid of them.

The room: 17x20x8 with speaker placement on the 17' wall.

Objective: Natural, live sound to play acoustic based music. Revealing and quick.

No budget...looking to buy used.
Well, if there's really no budget, take a look at Jtinn's Kharma Exquisite Midi's.
There's a pair of used Gallo Reference 3s here on Audiogon today (3/13) for $1975. They do everything you ask for, and then some. I'm not associated with the seller. Your amps should really make them sing. Good luck, Dave.
I am using Thor monos myself and I feel the same way. I use Kharmas ( 1.0 ) and they work very well,but I am in a large room. A couple suggestions would be Kharma 3.2 used , Merlin ( new mx )or maybe Quads ( 988 ? ). these all should work very well.....
I would check with Paul Marks at Thor Audio . The Thors are very powerful.Much more so than many think....
I'm in the same situation you are, though I am working in a price range similar to what the Studios cost, and I sold mine a year and a half ago. I'm considering stretching to Eidolons, buying another pair of Studios, or going with something in the Kharma line. I'll be using an Audio Aero Capitole MKII and Lamm M2.1 monos, and I've read many places about the synergy between Lamm and Kharma. The 3.2s certainly have some apeal, but I'm not sure I'd be satisfied with their bass extension. The 2.2s seem to me that they'd be better for me, but I'm still undecided. If only I could get the three speakers in my home at the same time to compare...
No problem. Piega C-10 Ltds. You'll decide it was the best decision you'd ever made to sell those revel's : ) The 60 Watts will work magnificently on them, I run my C-8 Ltds with 30. I suspect the 10's are actually a little easier to produce bass from.
There are a couple of Meadowlark Ospreys listed on Audiogon. Check out the reviews. Supposed to be great value for the money.
The revels were sold because right now my dog is a puppy and I don't want the grill that comes with the Studios - it's too prone to damage from a clumsy dog(s). I'm considering buying used monitors for the next 6 months and then, when the dog gets older (6-9 months more), get a better pair of speakers. Something that's a real statement...