little known Great capacitor

I have used many different types of capacitors and for
the best buy with quality hands down it would have to go to Ampohm of the U.K .Please read this carefully.
The Aluminum foil,oil Polyester capacitor which is in fact Mylar is a excellent capacitor and bested my Mundorf Supremes as well as Silvers and I feel more natural than even their SGO caps.very detailed without being to soft destroys the Copper Jensons easilly! I feel Some of the teflons have a tad more detail but they are not more natural sounding.I used Vcaps ,I now feel these have more realism in tonal balance that is my opinion .See for yourself they are priced decent for a top quality cap
and a steal for the much more expensive caps that it beats!
Thanks for sharing your experience. Good use of the forum to share these "Quantum Leaps" of experience/discovery with us. Other Pearls, anyone?
Announcement Regarding Ampohm Windings Ltd

according to, AudioCap Ltd have recently been informed that Ampohm Wound Products Ltd of Cornwall UK, has been put into receivership, and therefore no longer exists as a functioning manufacturer of automotive and audio capacitors.

AudioCap have sought to proactively minimise the impact of this event by the implementation of separate plans of action for audio and automotive capacitors.
Your Audiocap link no longer has a page. Is there any further info on Ampohm caps? The Tubestore still has inventory of this new line. I recently purchased a pair of the Polyester-in-oil caps to try in my preamp outputs. For speaker cross-overs, Homemade Hifi gave them very high ratings.

Have you done any comparisons of the Ampohm Myler-in-oils to the Duelund VSF caps?
The Duelund VSF is noticably better then the amp ohm. The amp ohm
Is much richer at the cost of detail and separation.
After much experimenting th new. Jupiter flat stack Capacitors are starting
To get noticed Humble homemade Hifi did a review of the Jupiter HT caps
And rated a solid 11 .the flat stack are even better and will be reviewed
Soon rating around a 12. Jupitor verified these are better in loudspeakers,
As well as electronics they are also ht - high temperature.
I agree. I'm using the Jupiter flat stacks -Stacked Paper Beeswax Cryo Capacitors in my Cornwalls and couldn't be happier. very neutral. Previuosly I was using Sonicaps in the mid/high and it was a bit bright. Still using Sonicap for woofer filter. The Jupiter fixed that problem, yet kept the detail and resolution. This was blind tested.
The Jupiter flat stacks and Ht are excellent every bit as good if not better
Then the very expensive Mundorf
I usedthem in a preamp and flat stack in a speaker.
In my guitar I only use the Jupiter HT. gibson give the Sprague classic
Orange drop which is ok ,maybe a $3.00 cap. The .022 Jupiter is $28
But it s full deep image and expansive soundstage,the do take at least
300 hours to fully settle in on the 3.3 uf caps or bigger.
Update: The Jupiter flat stacks after using them for over two years now just keep sounding better. They play well with any type of music. The flat stacks silver leads drops the ESR considerably. They're amazing~