long speaker cables or IC's for budget system

I am planning to rearrange my room so that my stereo rack is in the back corner of my room instead of between the speakers. The issue this creates for me is which cables to switch out. I could leave the amp between the speakers and run a 25ft pair of IC's from the amp to pre-amp or move the amp back to and run a 30ft pair of speaker cables from the amp to speakers. I currently have MIT T2 interconnects between my amp and preamp (1meter) and have 8ft MIT T3 speaker cables. The problem is I am only giving myself a $150 budget which has me looking at Blue Jeans cables. Am I hurting the sound quality of my system by downgrading cables? Please take a look at my system to see a list of my components. The only upgrades that I plan to make in the next couple of years would be switching from 1c's to Vandersteen 2Ce Sigs and maybe upgrading the turntable as well. Please factor in my future upgrades with your suggestions. Thanks in advance for the input.
The benefits you gain from moving the stereo from the middle of your speakers may be worth it. I would say it is sure worth a try. Shorter speaker cables and long interconnects would be better. "IMHO" Beside $150 doesn't leave much choice for speaker cables.
Keep the amp between your speakers and buy or better yet make your own interconnect from Belden 1694A or Belden 1505F with Eichmann Silver Bullet RCAs. The BJC LC-1 is also a very good choice in your price range. You will not be disappointed or notice any loss versus spending more. IMO.
Long interconnects and short speaker cables. I have been using a 25' interconnect for years. I tried switching to long speaker cables and immediately switched back.
Wow ...so the conventional wisdom is shorter speaker cable?....I ve had 40foot spsaker cables all along...but not visa versa :)...something to think about
Great. Looks like it is close to being unanimous for the interconnects and I can accomplish what I want for cheap without a loss in sound quality. Thanks to all for the input.
Not so fast. It depends on the cables, the amps, what proceeds the amp, whether the system is connected via single ended or balanced, and the environment in which the system resides.
While it is often said that one's gear is better not placed between the speakers, putting it in a corner might be worse. I can't help but wonder if you would be better off leaving things as they are.
For long interconnects use shielded ones, like microphone cables...mogami, canare, etc. Long speaker cables can increase the capacitance depending on design, not a great thing for some amps or the top end. jallen
If you don't have balanced components you should not run long unbalanced interconnects.
Unsound, It always depends on the cables, the amps, what proceeds the amp, whether the system is connected via single ended or balanced and the environment in which the system resides whether the cables are long or short.

It is not always necessary or a benefit for a long interconnect to be balanced.

What preceeds the amp is probably more important.
Rrog, tube amps are more likely to be more sensitive to length of some speaker cables than ss amps.
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What exactly needs to be kept in mind about power transfer in speaker cables??
That statement about long speaker cable length is only true partially. I don't think that most direct-coupled SS powerhouses would care a-bit about speaker cable length.
That may be true, but what if your direct coupled SS powerhouse is driving a pair of Apogee Scintillas?
Rrog, Depends on the cable, and the length. For most practical purposes, probably won't matter.
I have a pair of MIT T2 speaker cables which are 19.4 feet in length. If interested, send me a pm, it will be worth your while. I will be listing them here tomorrow as soon as I take pictures of them.
There is measurable loss with extra long speaker cables and if it is measurable it is audible. It depends on the gauge of the cable and the speaker's impedance. There is more loss with lower impedance speakers. For example, if you are running Apogee Scintillas with 16 gauge wire your maximum run should not exceed 6ft. However, if you are running Klipschorns with the same 16 gauge wire 50 ft is ok.
Rrog, such a length can easily deliver the appropriate power to the unusual 28 year old discontinued Scintillas by readily available appropriate cables.