Longest period of time without a single change

I mean by that not a single change in either equipment, accessories or speaker positioning. System untouched. For me, it lasted about 4 months until I added room treatment and moved speakers.
On a couple of different occassions I went for 2-3 years without making any changes. I simply listened to music and enjoyed. Interestingly I find that I have lots of CDs and LPs that were purchased during those periods.

However, the end of the last of those periods was about Jan 2000. Also, that was about the time I registered at AudiogoN!


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They have shown that shoping, especially for men (which sounded funny to me) can really be a compulsive disorder. For some reason mens and womens brains are wired a bit differently when it comes to shopping...why this is, who knows?
Shadorne, I think you got it right, it is both:

- a form of compulsive disorder, yes, desire to try them all...
- a perception that it can always be improved

I must say that the better my system, the shorter the interval without a change..my first system lasted 5 years, then 2 then 1 then months down to weeks...before I got off (on?) the wagon, sold everything and started fresh in a new direction. It all depends if this is solely about the music or also the hobby. being both to me is great and I do not see why it should be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase: enough of my wife to deal with for ever.