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Tyler Decade D2s: review
Almost a year later, I must admit that my initial assessment of the D2s was right on, still an amazing midrange and holographic image and a treble that over time has become even more extended and less edgy. One area that has tremendously improved ... 
Tyler Decade D2s: review
I said tube because I think it needs to be from neutral to warmer yet remain transparent but a SS amp that would display the same characteristics would be fine too. I found that very often "sweeter" SS amp lose the transparency and immediacy that ... 
Tyler Decade D2s: review
about 200hrs and at real volume I'd say...however it will depend on partnering gear, tube mandatory!!! 
Tyler Decade D2s: review
I tried to post many times but it did not go through...after a few changes upstream (tube pre-SS power), more break in time and moving them a bit more into the room, I am in pure heaven with the D2s. Texture that was missing at first is here in sp... 
Tyler Decade D2s: review
DawgcatchingI heard LSS only once and in a different system-room so this is hardly enough to compare them but I would say that if the LSS are in the same vein as the Woodmere 2s then the D2s will be tighter in the bass department. I agree that the... 
Tyler Decade D2s: review
I got the copper tweeter and ribbon mahogany finish, the exact same as pictured in Tyler's ad. I have the grills on but the copper is copper, not purple at all. Don't get me wrong, there is no brightness or harshness but lots of resolution-details... 
Integrated amp for efficient speakers
SamI owned the 88AT with Audio Physics Yara and I loved it. Beware of grey market models though. 
Better speakers than Von Schweiker VR4jr under 3k
Arkio is right and having been on both sides of the buy high-sell low-lose a lot, I must admit hiend audio offers tremendeous bargains. But it is not just because of neconomy going wrong or obsolescence, it is just supply-demand. The deal is to st... 
Better speakers than Von Schweiker VR4jr under 3k
Define better....I find VR4Jr to be interesting for its full range coverage but not particularly shinning in any department. So you can easily do much better bass or midrange or treble extension or even all three combined. I would go Gershman RX20... 
What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?
My wife..handy to change LP and bring cold beer 
Verity Parsifal or Magico V3 or Wilson Benesch ACT
I think what the WB dealer means is that since Benesch are made of same material as Stealth bombers, they would do the disappearing act much better....some people should fly UNDER the radar screen of marketing non-sense and partisan bigotry. 
Can excellent tubes transcend modest amps?
While I agree with a "no, not in general", I have a first-hand experience with doing exacting that: spend almost as much in tube upgrade as in the original price of the equipment. I bought a Yaqin MS12-B preamp for $200 and while decent with stock... 
Best looking Amp/Preamp/Integrated?
Pathos gear in general, TT or Logos specifically 
Most transparent amp you've heard?
Cairn 4808 Class A. Stunning and cheap 
Adcom GFP 750: why spend more?
Have you tried to change your listening position back and forth say 3 feet...every foot, check for balance...had same issue with my former room which was partially open on one side and at some reflection corresponding point, there was a balance sh...