Looking at a used Chinook or also have a lione on a nice Supper nova 2.

I asked this in a thread about the Chinook but it is dead now so thought I would start a new one.

I was considering a used chinook (here on the gone)or a used musical surroundings super nova 2 phono preamplifier. both are about the same price with in a couple hundred. I know one is tube and the other battery SS.

I run a 300b SET amp so have tubes in the chain already, Garrard 301 Jelco 12"er and a Van Den Hul MC 10 (modified by vdh low output not the newer higher out put) and will be adding other carts in the future with another arm but having a Phono stage with 2 phono inputs is not the deciding factor at this time. i’m looking to buy something that will last a very long time in my system. something that is musical as well as refined and detailed slightly on the warmer side. I think both fit in this

what would you pic and why.

You're half way there with the tube magic. Be done with the Chinook.

I would negotiate a lower price. As the ad states, its over 2 years old. Offer $1500.

The SS Musical Surroundings simply won't have the tube dynamics of the Manley. It will be quieter(noticeable only when you have the volume at unrealistic levels at idle or  quiet passages). That's the only benefit IMO, to the Nova.

Demoed a Chinook in my system. Very nice, especially if you can get that unit for half the retail. I would get the Chinook, listen to it stock for awhile, nice power cord(not expensive) and 2 NOS 6DJ8's if audio nervosa sets in.

 tablejockey thanks for the recommendation I've been leaning to the Chinook, only reason the supper nova 2 was a contender is it can take 2 carts and does get good reviews. but I would defiantly prefer tubes even though the battery power intrigued me some what. I have a week or so to make up my mind.
Go with the Chinook and the stock tubes. You can't go wrong. Excellent sounding. Detailed and smooth