Looking for a new preamp

Good afternoon,

It has been awhile since I've posted anything here, but I do have a preamp question.  I currently have an Aragon 28k mk2 pre along with an Aragon 8008 mk2 amp.  Both my source and amp are balanced but the 28k is not.  I think the Aragon pre is a nice, but I think I can do better.  I tried an ARC LS17SE pre a few years back, and although this is a nice piece, it didn't seem to work well with the 8008. I believe the impedance was a mismatch.  This was confirmed by ARC as well.  I would like to try this again at 2 different price points.  One being the new Schitt Freya S at $599 and the BAT 23SE which is on sale at Music Direct for $3k, originally $5k.  My speakers are Dynaudio Excite 44 for now.  

Thank you.           
Can’t go wrong with BAT. An "SE" model is preferable (6H30 driver tubes). Is the remote control included?
Thank you for the feedback so far. The BAT 23se pre that I’m looking at is solid state. 
Love my Freya S, amazing value, which replaced an Adcom GFP-750.  That said, that BAT is a beautiful unit at a great price.  I don't know how much better it may sound, if at all, but it sure looks a lot nicer.    
adiorio OP

Look at the Schiit Freya + $899, as you have 3 different flavours in one, passive, tube, or solid state.
It's got everything, many inputs/output, remote, xlr, se, inputs and outputs, 128-Step Relay switched volume almost as good as going direct.
Or if you don't care for tube part, the Freya S for $599

And you can send it back if you not taken with it. Win win in my books.

Cheers George