Looking for a new speaker: VR 4 Jr vs. Hps 938

Just sold my Monitor Audio GR20 speakers and I am planning to upgrade. I am in the $4,000 range and the Von Schweikert and Hyperion are in the top of my short list. Any recommendation, ladies & gents? Oh, one more! I only have a 60 watt tube amp - a BAT VK60.
Hello, I have been running a pair of Jr's with my VK60 since they came out. I think there is incredible synergy between the two. I often wish for a little more "oomph" to drive the speakers as I listen to rock & roll & want concert levels. But overall the other 99% of the time I can not believe how good it sounds.
I was deciding between the same 2 speakers and went with the HPS-938. The main attraction is that I intend to venture into tube amplification and many users and reviewers have great success with even SETs. Never regretted the choice even with my current old Krell power amp.
Just recently picked up a pair of the JR4's. At the dealer mainly listened via 55 watt tube integrated. Beautifull, there truly is music in them. After hearing the VR's I did not even take the chance to listen to the Hyperion speakers, perhaps I should have. The JR's having the rear speaker, made more sense in the prospect of presenting a larger soundstage. Let your ears be the judge along with room placement considerations. You can not go wrong with the JR4's. Your in for music heaven with them. Happy listening which ever way you go.
I have mine almost 10 feet apart & toed in slightly. I am also running a shotgun run of Acoustic Zen Satori speaker wire. I know it is very important to bi-wire these speakers & I feel a shotgun run is even better. I do not use the data link connector with my Satori's.
I've only heard them both at shows (twice to three times each). Like them both but find the Aural Acoustics Model B even better: much more coherent; better imaging and highs with superb resolution. Easy to drive: I use a CJ MV60SE (60 wpc). $4500 list.
I would definately not purchase until you listen to the jr. You will no doubt have good synergy with the BAT. I am driving with a 50wpc tube amp. It is enough, but softens the bass a little. You could always get a SS amp to drive the bass later if you need to tighten it up (bi-amp).
You should inclde a pair of Vandersteen 3A Sigs to your "short list". I compared the 3A Sigs and the VS Jr and liked the Vanbersteens by a wide margin. Paired with my Rouge tube amp and preamp, its very nice.

Have not heard the Hyperion's.
I like the VR-4 jr too. Just a very good all around speaker that is eminently musical. Nice looking cabinetry to boot.
Hi Dalton

Have you made your choice yet - what did you choose?
Now that more people have heard and compared both speakers, please share your views. Thanks.