Looking for a preamp used under 5k

Hello, I'm new to this hobby.  I'm looking for a preamp to pair with my BAT REX amp.  I have a Dynaudio Contour 5.4s, Oppo Sonica,  Mostly stream from Tidal listening to vocal.  I do have a Oppo 205, which I can use as a preamp, but not sure if I should keep it or sell it to get an preamp.  Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
If brand new is fine with you, then I would highly recommend the Bakert Labs Rhumba 1.3. I recently acquired this and am very pleased with the performance and the quality. 
On AudioAsylum there's a NIB Atmasphere MP-3, I own one and it's wonderful. Just slightly more than you are looking to spend but at the asking price you can't go wrong.
The Bryston BP-17^3 is under $4K new for the bass model, and John Atkinson of Stereophile said that it’s hard to imagine anything else performing better. The Benchmark LA4 is also a serious contender.
Sell the 205! Use funds toward this fantastic preamp...


Or this...


Then use leftover over funds to send your Sonica into Ric Schultz at Electronic Visionary Systems (EVS) to be upgraded. Between these two things your system will be completely transformed!
The recently discontinued Ayre K-5xeMP was the lowest priced Stereohile Class A rated preamp for several years. This is one on Audiogon right now for $2800.
Thank you for all the inputs.  I do you to get the Bat Rex but a little too much money right now.  I do have the Sonica that has been modded by Ric at EVS.  Since I only have a few CDs, I am going to sell the 205 to fund the preamp.  

Like I said, there pretty much is no reason to get anything more expensive than the Bryston.

You are one of the very few whom own a B.A.T. REX.  I look forward in reading more about your pre-amp purchase.  Happy Listening!
2 fantastic products that we carry at Sunny's that offer amazing performance under 5K. Roon and Tidal Ready.
Bryston Pre-Amplifier has the ability to ad Phono and a great DAC Module.
Jeff Rowland Capri Version 2 also has the same abilities.